OnSign TV Feature Update!

We've been very busy in the last few months, adding quite a few features requested by a lot of our customers and in the next few days I'll be showcasing them here at Inside OnSign TV!

The first new feature – and also the most requested – we've added was HTML5 Widgets!

One of the best things about making them in HTML5 is you get to preview all of them right in your browser. Those previews are live, and represent what they will look like in your device. You can even resize the preview window to see how a widget will behave when used in a different size or proportion.

Currently we have over a dozen widgets available, from RSS News Widgets, Date/Time Widgets and Weather Forecast Widgets, with more coming in the next weeks, so let's have a look at them!

For instance, take a look at of our Forecast Widgets. After dropping it into a timeline you can customize the language, choose whether to display temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius and specify precisely where in the world you would like to know the forecast.

Our forecast data is provided by Forecast IO which aggregates weather data from various sources to provide a very accurate forecast.

Be sure to check out our fullscreen and horizontal Date/Time Widget that look slick and modern, with 5 color schemes available: Black, Sandstone, Olive, Teal, and – my personal favorite – Coral.

For those who wish to display the news we have several RSS news widgets, from those that you can use on tiny little bars, to fullscreen ones that will really showcase the beautiful images some RSS feeds provide.

By the way: if you would like to request a particular widget kind, drop us a note at our support email.

Thanks for all the users who beta-tested this feature: your input is invaluable to us!

Eduardo Felipe,
Project Manager.
OnSign TV

One-Minute Tutorial Videos Are Now Available!

Great news!

We are starting an one-minute OnSign TV Tutorial series, available at our YouTube channel.

There are several videos, about our Campaign Editor, Managing Files, Player Association, Exhibition Rules, Remote URL and YouTube videos, Reports, General Player Settings and Players Page, with many more to come.

As a brief example, here’s our intro to the OnSign TV Campaign Editor:

We hope these tips will help you when you are getting to know OnSign TV. If you have any doubts or suggestions just email us at support@onsign.tv and we’ll help you right away.

Eduardo Santos Eberhardt,
OnSign TV team.

Even Easier Campaign Creation with New Timeline Editor!

Our focus when we started OnSign TV was to make campaign creation as easy as possible. We tried to make something intuitive, that could be controlled with drag-and-drop operations, right in your browser. But some details on the original implementation – such 30-item limit per timeline – fell a little short on our ideals.

We worked hard to remove those limitations and push the boundaries of what's possible to do in the browser. Now we have something really special: OnSignTV's new timeline editor.

We've added a slider you can use to zoom the timeline in and out, so even if your timeline is really long you can still get an overview of how things will fit in your campaign.

You can now inspect your files by clicking on them: this will show a popover containing all relevant information about it, including the duration if the file is a video. This allows you to manually set its duration, without dragging the resize handle on the ruler..

By the way, when dropping a video in a timeline it will expand to match the video's duration, so there is no need to see the popover if you don't want to.

We think this new timeline provides much more precision and a better experience overall when creating campaigns, and hope you think that too!

Eduardo Felipe, Project Manager. OnSign TV

new features OnSign TV timeline

New OnSign TV Android Player Available!

We are extremely glad to announce that a new version of OnSign TV Player for Android is available!

The OnSign TV Player 0.9.10 version is packed full of features – among them, some of the most frequently requested by our users – so let's do a feature drill down:

Custom Branding

It's now possible to replace the logo displayed during the start of OnSign TV Player and on all status messages. All you have to do is go to your settings, click the Add Image link, and upload a file with the specified size and format.

You can upload whatever artwork you like, but mind that it will be displayed on a black background, so be sure to check how it looks on black before submitting it.

Periodic Reboot

We've come across some really bad Android implementations – that freeze after a couple of days running uninterrupted – and while we try our best to keep OnSign TV Player running continuously there is little we can do to fix faulty devices. To circumvent that we added the possibility to periodically reboot the device OnSign TV Player is running on.

To avoid any interruptions to your service we also allow you to specify which time of the day is better to reboot, so the least amount of people can see it rebooting.

Just remember: in order for this to work you need a rooted device since Android doesn't provide a way for an App to request a reboot.

Block faulty campaigns

Since the first version, OnSign TV Player blocked faulty campaigns, such as those with unreachable URLs, after three errors. We've always felt that not showing a campaign containing an URL, due to lack of internet, was better than showing a white rectangle. But a lot of users asked for the ability to configure that behavior, so we implemented this feature. After all OnSign TV is all about putting you in control of your signage.

Be sure to update your players to version 0.9.10. It is a great release and we are incredibly proud of it.

Eduardo Felipe
Project Manager,
OnSign TV.

Reorder Your Campaigns at OnSign TV!

We are happy to announce campaign reordering: a feature long requested by our users. It allows you to precisely determine the order by which your campaigns will be played back by the OnSign TV Player.

How does this work? When a player receives a campaign list it will play them in the specified order, the same order you see at OnSign TV. If a specific rule blocks a campaign from playing, then the next campaign in order will be played.

In order to use this feature, you have to click on "Reorder Campaigns".

Then just drag your campaigns around to fit your desired order.

When done, just click on "Done Reordering".

That's it!

Note that, when you reorder your campaigns, all affected players will receive the new campaign list, but your media files will not be re-downloaded.

Let us know what you think of this feature and if you have any suggestions for the service we will be happy to hear them! Just reply to this email and we'll swiftly answer any question.

Dimitri Prado
CEO & Founder.
OnSign TV