Campaign Reports: The Newest Feature of OnSign TV!

For the past month we've been testing a brand new feature called Campaign Reports and now we think it's ready for prime time!

Campaign Reports allows you to download detailed proof of playback report in an archivable format, with the click of a button:

We've always supported proof of playback, but until now it was displayed on each player and there wasn't an easy way to archive them for future reference.

Now you can get a report containing the exact date, time and player name of each successful campaign playback. It's possible to choose the current week or the past 4 weeks. With each report you'll also get a playback summary, so you can feel the pulse of how your campaign is being played across all your players.

The reports are in CSV format, which can be easily imported into Microsoft Excel, or imported into OpenOffice Calc, so you can generate all sorts of graphics from the data.

As a bonus we now send – as attachments on our weekly summary email – reports of all your campaigns for the past week. Be sure to enable them in your preferences:

Eduardo Felipe, Project Manager. OnSign TV

OnSign TV campaign report new feature

New Player Status Page at OnSign TV!

We just went live with a redesign of Player Status page. It is now possible to see at a glance the latest played campaign, the number of errors in the previous 24 hours, whether your players are online and in sync with OnSign TV.

But what is online? The player can be playing everything and some routing issue could be temporarily blocking it from reaching After some discussion we settled that a player is online if it has contacted OnSign TV in the last two minutes. We plan to make this amount configurable in the future.

That leaves us to determine what in sync means. OnSign TV keeps track of when you change: a campaign, a file used by a campaign and a rule. If your change affects a player, OnSign TV will notify it to start updating itself. Therefore we consider a player to be synchronized if it has stored locally all the data it needs to play your campaigns. A player can be offline and in sync without that being an error.

Another niceties: the status of each player is automatically updated in your browser, so there is no need to keep hitting the refresh button on this page; also you can click anywhere in the player to see the list of events.

Happy monitoring!

Eduardo Felipe,
Project Manager.
OnSign TV

Monthly Player Graphs Now Available!

Our goal at OnSign TV is keeping you informed about what is going on with your players.

Since launch we've been keeping player statistics, such as network and CPU usage, for up to a month, even though we only displayed the last 24 hours.

Well... not anymore!

Now you can see how your player has been doing for the past day, week or month. As a bonus you get to identify when your player is turned off by watching for gaps in the graph.

Happy monitoring!

Eduardo Felipe,
Project Manager.
OnSign TV

OnSign TV Android Updated!

Grab our latest and most reliable version from Google Play Store!

We are very excited about this release of OnSign TV Player for Android, currently version 0.9-beta. It is now possible to automatically start the player upon device boot. From now on if your device experience a power outage or crashes your campaigns resume playing when the device comes back up.

To enable automatic start just go to the Players section of OnSign TV and enable it for any desired players.

Aside from automatic boot we've also included:

  • Improved reliability when setting up the player as it is possible to restart the process in case of failure;
  • An array of new events, such as: campaign list updated, campaign list empty and storage full, keeping you on top of things;
  • A fix for the black-screen flash when transitioning between campaigns.

Check it out on Google Play Store

Eduardo Felipe,
Project Manager.
OnSign TV

OnSign TV & Internet Explorer = ❤

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In that spirit we present you OnSign TV running on Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8.1:

Even though we still use Google Chrome every day, we decided that supporting Internet Explorer 10 & 11 was worth the effort if it means more people can use OnSign TV without having to install a different browser.

OnSign TV will follow the same support policy as Gmail: it will support the current and prior major release of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari on a rolling basis. This means every time a new version of these browsers launches we'll drop support for the oldest one.

If you like OnSign TV, don't forget to rate it at Google Play Store!