11 Digital Signage Tips For a Better Customer Experience

As you know, one of the fundamental goals of every business is to have customers, thus to keep them happy. Naturally, there is no substitute for above and beyond service and pleasant employees, but a versatile digital tool can be of supportive use to increase customer satisfaction in all areas of your business.

Deploying a variety of screens can positively influence the customer experience on its own, but it’s important to focus on the why and how those screens are used! Many digital signage users misunderstand the relevance of good content and don’t put in the effort, assuming customers will be in awe just by seeing a digital display in a store. This is only one of many misconceptions digital signage faces, and you should keep them in mind if you want to leave a positive impression for your customers.

1. Wayfinding and efficiency

A good customer experience depends on the speed and satisfaction a customer gets while inside the store. This is achieved by way of wayfinding which is simple to understand and digest.

One of the best examples of just how much orientation impacts the customer experience can be seen in a financial establishment. When people set foot in a bank they first look around, not sure where to turn first. By using an interactive display, customers can select a specific service and be pointed to the queue where they will receive said service.

This is an example of wayfinding used in a smaller area. Meanwhile, larger locations like department stores, supermarkets and shopping malls depend on wayfinding even more to get the customer to the right aisle, section or even floor.

2. Browsing the inventory

Still keeping the focus on efficiency, an interactive digital display can allow customers to browse through the store inventory and perhaps even see items which are currently unavailable but can be ordered. If customers are informed when the product will be back in stock or maybe even easily place a hold on this item, they will be well inclined to return.

This provision of information in a fun and simple way to boost the customer experience and increase customer loyalty as well as sales. The more educated your customers are about your products, the higher the chance they will make a purchase and become a regular consumer.

3. In-store entertainment

Entertainment is what people turn to in waiting areas and queues. The often mentioned ability of digital signage to reduce “perceived waiting times” can especially be seen in supermarkets or stores where there are queues.

Digital signage customer experience in a busy store

Everyone hates waiting. We can all tolerate it to a certain point, but some days are harder than others and patience may run out quickly at times. Furthermore, in today’s age where everything is increasingly fast and almost instant, people are becoming less and less patient by the minute. A cartoon, documentary or any type of information which intrigues people, makes them smile or cheer up is a massive plus and should be used to make the time pass by quicker.

4. Tell a story for a better customer experience

Showing what your business offers is a lot more than just putting your entire inventory in plain sight on a digital display. Every business owner who relentlessly works on making it flourish started out with an idea which can’t succeed until there is a clear answer to one specific question: Why does your business matter — to you, to your customers, to the world?

If you isolate that key advantage and broadcast it to your audience, you can draw them in and provoke engagement. Explaining this advantage, telling your company story and explaining the motivation behind your business provides the human element which allows people to understand you and create a bond with your business. There is no better tool to do it than digital signage!

5. Build playlists and schedules

With the ease of creating playlists and scheduling content through digital signage software, you can create playlists diverse in content, containing many of the tips mentioned here and then some! This can ensure your content doesn’t become too repetitive or boring, ensuring the audience appreciates the content and finds it interesting.

Digital signage customer experience enhanced by playlists

Firstly, every method mentioned in this article can be neatly organized into a playlist to circulate and ensure a variety of content available to your customers. And additionally, you can create playlists specifically aimed at boosting the customer experience with music, video, cartoons and similar content you find or create specifically for that purpose.

6. Key positioning in store

Ideal display positioning are as mentioned earlier at the cash register and in waiting areas. Now, showing special promotions or entertaining content is great for these locations but don’t forget the rest of the store! Placing displays at key positions throughout the store can influence customer behavior and satisfaction just as well.

Displays highlighting product specifications work like a charm(ing sales rep) if used properly. You cannot squeeze the entire store in one digital signage campaign, but rather let displays highlight one or multiple products in a specific field. This allows more detail about the product to reach the viewer, and if it’s interactive, even better! Tablets are a fabulous use for this purpose.

7. Great feedback tool

In any line of work, customers who feel like their opinion is valued and listened to will be the ones who will stick around. Sadly still used today is the antiquated method of gathering feedback from customers in the book of impressions. Is anyone really taking the time to take that book to his desk and read through it?

Using digital signage as a feedback tool doesn’t only make the feedback process a lot simpler, it makes it easier for you to have a clear overview of what the customers are saying about your brand. With this input, you can make adjustments accordingly. Not only that, you can use your digital signage network to highlight the changes you’ve made based on customer input.

If you include social media in your feedback channel, you can have people share the positives (and yes, maybe the negatives) through social media feeds. This way, the customer experience benefits from digital signage on site and within social media once the two are connected.

8. Recommendations

Product recommendations only work if you land a bull’s eye on your target customer’s mindset. This was nearly impossible to achieve with static signs because every customer has a different mindset.

Digital signage allows you to send a variety of recommendations to the customer base. If you dive even deeper into the capabilities of digital signage, you can reach the point where users receive recommendations individually tailored for them through interactivity. When a user interacts with a digital display on their device, the digital network can recognize them and suggest products based on their previous purchasing decisions. This very sophisticated method brings us to our next use which is mobile interactivity!

9. Mobile interactivity and games

Enabling the connection between mobile devices and your digital signage network is an excellent way to not only enhance the customer experience but to also boost engagement.

Digital signage customer experience and mobile

Be it for the purpose of entertainment through interactive gaming or for browsing through items and recommendations, mobile interactivity combined with your digital signage network is a sure way to make a customer happy.

10. Inspire

This particular method not only makes the customer feel good but also has a huge impact on employees as well. Inspiring content which includes but is not limited to inspirational quotes, music or video is a great way to boost every viewer’s mood.

You can include short messages from your business to the audience to enhance the connection which already exists between consumer and brand. This is one of the many ways digital signage enhances customer experience. Sharing social media feeds is another sound method to keep the customers aware that you are listening to them and maintain them at your top priority.

11. Specify methods unique to your industry

It is true that every business offers something unique, but more importantly every business has a unique audience with unique preferences. For every industry in the world, there is at least one specific way to steer the customer experience differently from the rest.

Take sports venues as an example, where displays can be used to provide data important to visitors, players and officials, ranging from schedule updates and weather conditions to scores and providing premium viewing experiences in VIP lounges.

Digital signage customer experience in a sports venue

Methods upon methods, these are some great ways to make your customers appreciate your business and form a very strong bond with it. Above all, keep in mind that customer satisfaction is of vital importance in the long run and you should do your best to make your customers feel good, provide the service they expect, and leave a lasting impression of positivity.

Another great tip to keep in mind is that a loyal customer is always a dozen times more valuable than a new one, so if you have a customer base, they should be your top priority. After all, a new customer won’t necessarily stay with you, but a loyal one will be around and continue making purchases as long as you meet and exceed the set expectations. With these tips, you can do just that!

7+ Digital Signage Facts You Didn’t Know

The general benefits of digital signage are easy to imagine, starting from higher sales, brand awareness, sales, and customer engagement. These and many others are clear at hand, but have a closer look at just how impactful they really can be to a brand’s success.

Digital signage facts and benefits

For instance, one interesting statistic shows that a staggering 86% of customers say they would gladly pay for better customer experience. This number has significantly changed in the past as more and more methods of providing better customer experiences emerge. This is only one interesting fact about the impact of digital signage. Check out the rest!

#1 More time spent in the store

The presence of digital signage at the point of sale results in 30% more time spent in the store by customers.


Digital signage in a retail store

Additionally, digital signage displays can increase the average purchase amount by 29.5%, generate a 32.8% growth in buyers who come back a second plus time and overall generate 32.8% more in-store traffic.

#2 Customers would pay for better customer experience

The value of the customer experience cannot be underestimated. In fact, 86% of customers say they would even gladly pay more for a better customer experience: a commodity digital signage provides by its mere presence. With that in mind, this point can be further developed by including campaigns focusing on enhancing the customer experience.

#3 Digital interactions influence customer behavior

Digital signage is a tool which can channel a great amount of information related to other digital device interactions, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Consumers who use a device during shopping make purchases at a 40% higher rate than those who do not use one. Digital devices have a dramatic impact on traffic, spending, and loyalty of the shoppers who use them. The information found on social channels also influences shopping behavior and loyalty significantly.

Digital signage and digital interactions

36 cents of each dollar spent in store are influenced by digital interactions. This extends beyond the in-store use of devices to consumers' use on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones outside.

#4 Digital signage impacts brand awareness

84% of U.K. retailers find that digital signage significantly creates brand awareness, primarily due to the fact that dynamic signs reinforce brand messages through an immersive experience. Some of the established benefits of digital signage on brand awareness are both in the creation as in the development:

  • Enhanced coordination and communication
  • Ensured consistency
  • Unified messages across multiple locations easily manageable
  • Uplift of the brand image
  • Favorable influence over customer purchase decisions

#5 Employee engagement improves with digital signage

Employee engagement rises by 25% when digital signage is present. One of the main reasons for benefits over employee engagement is the visual impact digital signage leaves. Behind this stands the fact that the majority of humans identify themselves as visual learners.

In employee operations, immediate information in times of need is a frequent requirement. Digital signage provides a quick access to important information and can furthermore help reach employees who don't use digital devices too frequently on the job.

#6 Reduction of perceived waiting times

The perceived waiting times at check-out are reduced by approximately 35% through the use of digital signage, be it for efficiency, promotional offers, or pure entertainment.

Digital signage lowers the perception of time through its versatility. Where there are ten people, there are ten different tastes and opinions. A versatile digital display can accommodate varying preferences and tastes. In reality, aside from the perceived waiting times, the real waiting times can be lowered as well through efficiency in organizing check-outs with the use of digital signs.

#7 Customers welcome digital signage

There are many stats out there which highlight just how much customers welcome digital signage. Digital signage fares far better than standard advertising or promotions.

  • 47% of customers claim they still recall a digital video a month after seeing it.
  • Food items which were advertised through digital signs experienced on average a 49% rise in sales compared to sales which occured in a period without advertising.
  • 25% of customers want the ability to see and order an extended range of products on-screen inside the store.
  • Customer experience accounts for 55% of customer loyalty.

Digital signage boosts efficiency in this waiting room

Although the presence of these benefits is fairly obvious to anyone who has already used digital signage. It’s still important to know just how much they can impact your business.

Also, keep in mind that these stats change as time moves on and digital signage becomes more commonplace. Knowing the power of these benefits can help you adjust your digital signage strategy further and help you focus your efforts better.


4 Main Reasons Why Digital Signage Dominates Over Traditional Media

There is no question about the superiority of digital signage over traditional media. However, the more important question we should focus on is just how far ahead it is, and what the impact of digital signage is on today’s world.

With a brand new year ahead of us, let’s take a quick look at the past and see just how far digital signage has come, and perhaps more importantly, how far it is going to go in the future. Additionally, it’s important to keep the bigger picture in mind and understand the status of the digital media world overall.

#1 Higher sales, brand awareness and ROI

Studies from various industries have established the power digital signage has over printed content. For a start, it is more eye-catching and far more effective at transmitting information to the target audience. These obvious advantages aside, let’s take a look at some specific statistics and numbers:

Perhaps one of the most important features of digital signage is the fact that viewers don’t merely glance at the message—they engage! This advantage alone leads to many others, such as the viewer remembering the content more easily, motivating the viewer to perform an action, or even provoking an impulse buy.

#2 It is not only more effective, consumers prefer it!

It is hardly surprising that customers find interactive digital displays an interesting commodity when they’re visiting a store. In fact, an estimated 53% of shoppers prefer to research the product in-store. More importantly, digital signage has influenced the preferences of the consumer in unexpected ways.

Digital Signage Retail Ad

A recent study of over 2,000 people established that in the UK, on average, 31% of the public watches digital displays while shopping. This digit rises to 43% in London where the number of displays is higher.

What’s more interesting is the finding that 13% of the public found the content on the displays extremely interesting, influencing them to visit the company website. Meanwhile, 15% stated the advertisement was an encouragement to visit the store. This is a clear sign that digital signage isn’t only more effective through its technical advantages, it is also preferred!

#3 OOH leaves traditional media in the dust

Digital signage is only one extension of the out-of-home advertising world. It can be used in many ways, but it’s important to see the bigger picture and to understand the status of the digital media today.

Digital media has become the number one category in advertising where 54% of advertising sales are conducted through impressions and clicks on mobile devices. This is in great part achieved through the competitive advantages of out-of-home advertising.

  • OOH cannot be skipped or blocked, which is an ideal advantage in a world where advertising avoidance is practically second nature.
  • OOH is expanding to brand new environments which traditional media can hardly hope to reach: gyms, offices, taxis, bars etc.
  • OOH helps in targeting customers easily, as well as reaching them through interconnectivity with other digital media outlets. Additionally, OOH offers an easier method of bringing customers into the purchase funnel.

#4 According to survey, 61% of media planners included DPB/DOOH in their media plans

Based on its rate of development, the current level of spending on digital-out-of-home (DOOH) and digital place-based (DPB) advertising is expected to grow in the near future. According to the Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA), there are three key reasons for including DPB/DOOH in media plans:

  • Geo-targeting
  • Connecting with consumers on the path to the purchase
  • Reaching a specific audience.

These are only some of the findings from DPAA’s eight annual media planners survey, including data on the rising status of digital media. Based on the findings, the survey recommends the focus of the DPB/DOOH industry be shifted in a different direction. For a start, providing data on audiences to ensure easier targeting, as well as developing technology to empower targeting and measurement.

Digital Signage at the Mall

DOOH vs traditional media? The superiority is obvious, and now you have a much clearer insight into the impact of digital signage in the advertising world.

In conclusion, the elementary advantage of digital signage over traditional media is its versatility. It acts as a conduit for complex strategies which can help a business reach its heights. Traditional media can do the same but up to a certain limit. Meanwhile, digital signage is still seeking its limit, which is evident in the fact that its rise hasn’t yet dwindled.

8 Digital Marketing Tricks To Enhance Your Business Efforts

Digital signage is powerful tool which helps influence customer thinking and behaviour. It helps pull in your audience, but there is a great deal of work required for it.

A digital display with fun content can engage people, but you’ll have to do a lot more if you want to draw an entire audience of people to you. For this, we turn to digital marketing and how to utilized it to help your business grow. Keep in mind that, in a way, digital signage is a conduit for your digital marketing efforts.

On its own, a digital display doesn’t hold as much power. It used to, back when just having a digital display made you one of the “cooler” crowd. However, today you have to sweat a little to be ahead of the standard, and here are a few digital marketing tips to do just that!

1. Take social media seriously

Social media is very important these days. If you’re not doing social media as a part of your marketing strategy, you are lagging behind the competition.

We’ve already covered in detail how to use social media with digital signage, mentioning various useful techniques and methods. However, keep in mind that one of the basic ways to start and maintain a healthy social media strategy is to simply be active!

Digital marketing tips: social media

Share opinions and do more than just schedule random posts and vague responses. Retweet, share content related to your brand, and comment on other posts.

The reason social media is so frequently mentioned is because of its power. Most business strategies can be enhanced through the use of social media, many of which will be mentioned below.

2. Optimize for mobile

Your digital signage campaigns are doing the best they can to attract new customers and captivate people. To take it a level further, those campaigns can be expanded if optimized for mobile interaction.

While there are ways to make a user interact with a digital display through mobile, be it for games or specific commands, there is also the option of providing free Wi-Fi to users on every digital signage location. This way you can gather data and also via push notifications, send special offers and more.

3. Build a fully functional business website

Digital marketing tips: building a website

When it comes to your website design, these are some of the fundamental steps you need to take for your site to be successful.

  • Use the right web design. Create a clean, easy to read page people can read and understand easily. Of course, as we talked in the previous step, your site should be mobile friendly.
  • Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This involves a smart use of keywords in your content, among other things, to help people find your offers online.
  • Perfect your email marketing strategy. Although an old method, this method works! Create smart email strategies to maintain customer loyalty. Here are some pointers to get you started.
  • See a coach or a consultant, if you’re new to digital marketing. This can help you learn the ropes quickly and efficiently. This is a wise choice if you’re a small business owner and want to move forward quickly.
  • Maintain a blog. This doesn’t only provide a flow of information to your audience, it also helps you utilize your SEO and keyword strategies to help people find your site.

4. Use ephemeral content

Ephemeral content refers to content which is very temporary and vanishes after a specific timeframe, for instance 24 hours. Snapchat's primary function is to provide ephemeral content. Be it on social media platforms like Snapchat or within your digital signage network, ephemeral content can be useful for providing small bite-sized chunks of content to the viewers.

As most ephemeral content, yours shouldn't be clinical or overly professionally made, but rather a quick behind-the-scenes view of your business to show people that there are fun, charismatic humans behind the brand.

Digital marketing tips: ephemeral content

With this in mind, Snapchat advertising isn’t a bad idea to use as an extension of your digital signage advertising.

5. Cross promote

Cross promotion involves offering your product or service to customers of a different brand. Naturally, cross promotion shouldn’t be done with a competitor, but it can open up new opportunities for your business by reaching out to a different audience through a partnership with another brand.

Cross promotion then can be taken in reverse, too, with you promoting other services to your audience. This can show that your customer’s interests are important to you and that you’re doing your best to provide them with information they’d appreciate. And it can be a side revenue based on what you and your partners agree on.

6. Have a “viral” perspective

If you want to provoke a response or send a wave of reactions out into the world, you should on occasion refrain from creating generic content. Sure, it’s great to offer your products or services through individual advertisements, but one potential idea to have in mind is to try creating and sharing viral content.

Primarily you should share helpful and insightful content. But you should also, on occasion, create content interesting enough for a vast amount of people to share on their social media profiles. If you succeed in creating something people can’t help but share, be it funny, scary or plain interesting, your brand awareness will grow significantly.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself how viral content is created? Here are a few components every piece of viral content has:

  • Keep it short! If it's a video, keep it under a minute long, and if it's an image, make sure it's quick and easy to process.
  • Your content must be reletable in some way. Funny accidents or jokes go viral because people relate to them which immediately makes the content more personal.
  • Make it unique. This one is pretty obvious, but some people keep trying to reinvent the wheel.
  • Allow people to comment. You're not the only one with a funny bone. Sometimes, comments can make the content more interesting so make sure they're an option.
  • Don't be insulting or rude. A joke at the expense of others can only go viral in a negative way.
  • For blog posts, make compelling headlines which tell a story in one sentence.
  • Use images and color to make the content pop. Lack of “pretty” elements can make potentially viral content to fail.

7. Diversify content

If you have a digital signage campaign set up for your dentistry office, for example, it’s going to become pretty dull if you constantly show ads about teeth and how you can help them turn whiter.

Diversifying your content keeps your campaigns interesting, prevents people from ignoring them or getting used to them, and best of all, can be done in many ways. You can employ social media and share tweets, for example.

Digital marketing tips: clockwork

Another good option is to sell advertising space to third parties as well. It certainly provides more diverse content, but the main reason this option is chosen by digital signage users is, obviously, for the payment they get from advertisers.

As you can see from all the aforementioned methods, using them all together will generate tons of diverse content for your audience, be it on social media, your website or your digital signage.

8. Build anticipation

This is an old marketing method which still works if pulled off properly. Building peculiar ads which make no sense provoke thought, and they certainly make people curious about what’s going to happen next. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to design elaborate campaigns and advertisements in hopes of pulling the viewer in.

A simple “special offer coming up this Friday. Don’t miss it!” can be enough to create suspense. This veers off into the psychology aspect of content and how to influence people based on words used, as well as the form in which they’re delivered.

Digital marketing tips: Reach for success

As we can see from many of these tips and tricks, the world of social media is probably one of the main components of any effective digital marketing strategy. For a start, you should focus on mastering that particular step, and then move on to the others. Once you’ve gotten the hang of social media, you can easily incorporate other tips mentioned into it for maximum impact.

Digital signage is a formidable tool, but on its own it is simply no longer enough. It used to be, but as the time goes on, it is slowly becoming a mandatory part of any business that wants to stay current. It is the marketing, planning and content which matter most, and with practice of these tips and tricks, you’re on the right track.

Digital Signage News: DSE 2018 Announcement, Best 2017 Outdoor Ads and More!

In the constantly advancing world of digital signage, the past month has been mainly about recollections of 2017 as the year slowly draws to its end. Some great digital signage news this month: statistics, research for the past year, as well as announcements for the upcoming one are quickly emerging, and we have summed them all up in this post.

Starting from research conducted by Technavio on the transparent digital signage industry, you can also take a look at some enticing content ideas for signs which made people stop and look up. Also, check out the announcement by DSE 2018 about an upcoming seminar to help attendees learn the applications and content creation methods of digital signage.

This, and more highlights await you below!

DSE 2018 Seminar to Present “Fundamentals & Applications of Digital Signage Content”

Digital Signage Expo recently announced the start of its Digital Signage Fundamentals Seminar Program at DSE 2018. This details about all the amazing bits and pieces which are planned to be presented at the event.

Their hour-long session about "Fundamentals and Applications of Digital Signage Content" will be held on March 28th 2018. It will cover various techniques and software innovations for creating advanced digital signage content.

Digital signage news : DSE 2018

Some objectives of this session are to focus on understanding the nature of content when it comes to specific applications, reviewing creative processes for content development, as well as the ways professionals do to achieve stellar results.

Best outdoor ads of 2017: Take a look!

Adweek released an article about some of the brilliant outdoor ads of 2017 which stopped people dead in their tracks. Although these signs were in the form of traditional signage, it still gives insight into the content which can affect masses and can surely be applied to the digital form.

Digital signage news : outdoor ads

Primarily, the content creation process itself is the most important part, and as we know, digital signage is an excellent conduit for that creativity. Check out these examples to get inspired and you’ll maybe come up with some new and creative signs for your digital signage campaigns as well!

AI is coming to the world of digital signage

Artificial intelligence (AI) is bound to reach every corner of the world of technology in no time, digital signage included! This raises the question of how it can help digital signage campaigns perform better than it already has. AI has been present for quite some time in its elementary forms, such as playing videos when the display picks up a nearby signal, but that is just the start!

We already saw many cases of advanced content, such as the anti-smoking campaign we covered lately, where a display would cough at you when detecting smoke. By taking that example, we can only imagine how AI can take it even further, making this an important fact in the digital signage news.

Digital signage news : AI ad campaign

AI works by gathering massive amounts of information and interpreting, taking further action in a specific way. For instance, in the example of the coughing video being played as soon as it detected smoke, aside from playing only one video, it could show a person in it throwing a nasty look at the smoker, and providing a smile or positive feedback if it detected the smoker putting the cigarette out.

This is only one example. Ihe world of digital signage is quickly stepping into deeper waters of AI as it gradually becomes commonplace.

JCDecaux to design, build and operate 125 bus shelters in Mexico City

In more brand-specific digital signage news, JCDecaux announces that its Mexican subsidiary—JCDecaux Out Of Home Mexico— has been selected for deploying and operating 125 bus shelters in Mexico City.

Digital signage news : JCDecaux's 125 bus shelter upgrade

Metrobús Line 7, with 100,000 passengers per day, will help ease traffic and reduce travel times by up to 35%, thanks to the number of changes coming from this investment.

The new bus stations have been designed by Lance Wyman, who also created the 1968 Olympic Games logo. Be sure to read more about the will and motivation behind this design and the details of what this investment will bring.

The Last Jedi uses digital signage in NYC and Toronto

The Last Jedi, the latest Star Wars movie has arrived to cinemas everywhere and it’s using live Tweets to reach out to as many people as possible. At Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto as well as Times Square and Bryant Park in New York, displays and boards rotate between visuals of cast members and live tweets from fans.

Digital signage news : The Last Jedi uses digital signage to promote

This exciting adventure combined with the power of interactive digital signage certainly managed to catch the attention of citizens as people engage and raise awareness of the latest Disney film through their social media interactions. This campaign has further aided the movie to reach the position of the second biggest film opening ever.

Latest market research in transparent digital signage: Retail still the largest end-user

Based on the latest market research report by Technavio, the retail industry remains the largest end-user of transparent digital signage.

The report also covers some specific key findings of the global transparent digital signage market. One is the finding the the main market driver in favor of transparent digital displays is its minimal power consumption. This minimal power consumption is achieved through the nature of transparent digital displays which are combination of a touchscreen and a glass window. With their ultra-thin design and flexibility, they surpass traditional displays by miles when it comes to power consumption.

Jujhar Singh, a lead analyst at Technavio for displays research says that “transparent digital signage provides powerful customer engagement due to which it is being used both by organizations as well as advertisement firms.”

Digital signage news : transparent digital signage stats for 2017

The last news roundup from for this year!

As 2017 draws to a close, our next recap of recent digital signage news will be in 2018, where there will certainly be further look-backs on 2017 in its entirety, both general overviews as well as studies and research as to how it performed in comparison to previous years. Also, don’t forget the predictions for the future! Although they are always slightly tweaked, predictions are updated each year based on how far the digital signage industry has come already.

Suffice to say, 2017 has certainly been a great year for digital signage due to all its advancements. In all reality, it doesn’t differ much in this aspect from previous years as the industry continues moving forward at a rapid pace, with no sign of stopping.