13 Must Knows About DSE 2018 Before Attending

The world's largest and longest running digital signage conference and trade show has come upon us yet again. DSE 2018 acts as a spotlight for innovative digital display and interactive technology solutions.

The DSE 2018 program will feature keynote sessions, seminar tracks, free on-floor workshops, pre- and post-show conferences, and tech talk theater, which will be a collection of 45-minute sessions in a special theater dedicated for discussing emerging technologies.

DSE 2018

DSE 2018 will feature over 200 exhibitors offering the newest and most innovative tools the digital signage world has to offer. All these superlatives aside, take a look at 13 must knows if you plan on attending DSE 2018.

1. DSE 2018’s presenting sponsors are Peerless-AV and Samsung, alongside many other sponsors like (gold sponsors) LG, Microsoft and Intel, (silver sponsors) AOPEN, Right Media Solutions, and dozens of others.

2. Just like DSE 2017, this year’s DSE is taking place in the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall (S3). The event’s overall duration is from 27th and 30th of March. Conferences will be open between the 27th and 30th of March, and exhibits between 28th and 29th.

3. The full schedule of the entire event for both conference and exhibit hall plans can be seen in detail on the official DSE 2018 site.

4. This year's APEX Awards finalists come from a pool of 116 entrances from 10 countries, divided across 9 digital signage categories. The winners will be announced at the 14th annual Apex Awards ceremony. You can check out the full list of the finalists on the official DSE 2018 site, and you can also take a look at the video below comprised of the finalists' work, to see the best of the best in digital signage and communications deployments.


5. The APEX Awards Ceremony is complimentary to all registered attendees. The ceremony will take place on Wednesday, March 28th in the Renaissance Ballroom, following the open network reception.

6. Last year, DSE won the Trade Show Executive magazine’s "Fastest 50" award, which is given to the 50 fastest growing trade and consumer shows annually. DSE won this award in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2017.

7. DSE 2018 offers a way to enhance your DSE experience through the use of their own free mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Android and every mobile web-ready device. The app helps you keep track of the expo schedule, find and label exhibitors more easily, navigate your surroundings, read information about exhibitors and more.

8. Just like last year, DSE 2018 is offering visitors pre-show education on the 27th of March. The program will include a "New Attendees Bootcamp" which is aimed at first-time DSE attendees to help them join the industry nearly as seasoned as the veterans do. Attendees will learn how to make the most out of their experience by learning how to best navigate the show floor and interact with vendors.

9. With each year, DSE keeps expanding and this year the highlighted solution categories include the following:

  • Analytics Audio solutions
  • Augmented reality solutions
  • Connectivity solutions
  • Content management solutions
  • Control systems
  • Display solutions (LCD, LED, OLED, Outdoor, Multi-touch, All-In-One)
  • Enclosures
  • Installation services
  • Interactive technology/Kiosks
  • Media player
  • Menu boards
  • Mobile solutions
  • Mounting solutions
  • Network management
  • Projection technology
  • Repair/Maintenance
  • Software solutions
  • Video walls
  • Wayfinding solutions

10. Before committing to paying your DSE 2018 ticket, make sure you study all payment options and packages, ranging from $595 to $1,795.

11. If you are interested in meeting with a particular vendor from the full exhibitor list, be sure to set up a meeting before getting to the show. After visiting their "e-booth" you can send them an email request.

12. The age requirement to visit DSE 2018 is 16. Anyone below that age, including infants carried in arms or strollers, may not come to the show floor.

13. DSE 2018 will showcase new innovations for many industries relying on digital signage to push them forward. To see a sneak peak of the innovations coming to DSE 2018, you can head over to the official YouTube channel.

Will you be attending DSE 2018?

Each year, DSE showcases new products, offers new educational opportunities and brings in more exhibitors together. It allows them to showcase the best innovative solutions the digital signage industry has to offer. Check out the official site of DSE 2018 for any additional details you’re interested in. Also take a look at all the amazing technologies you'll encounter if you decide to attend. Safe to say, you will many interesting things to see.

Greatest Benefits and Flaws of Digital Billboards

Digital signage comes in many shapes and sizes, and today we’re talking about the biggest of them all. Although immobile and massive, digital billboards provides some of the best advantages digital signage has to offer, including easier management, simpler planning and higher traffic.

Digital billboards in larger cities

However, due to their impact which is proportional to their size, digital billboards offer challenges and questionable features. You must keep both of these in mind before purchasing or renting a digital billboard. First, let’s take a look at some of the best pros of digital billboards compared to their traditional versions, and then we’ll see what you should keep in mind before opting to include them into your business plans.

Faster operational speed

In traditional billboard advertising, it can take a few weeks of management for a billboard message to go up. Sadly, this fact effectively blocks many uses and ideas a business might have for an advertisement of that size. For a start, any creative, time-sensitive campaign is off the list. Rotating content during the day is impossible, even though traditional billboards attempt to make it a reality through physically rotating images. Still, that provides a maximum of two images rotating on a billboard, which doesn’t open up many possibilities.

This is where the main advantage of digital billboards comes in: they allow rotation of endless content.

Not only does the ability to display more content skyrocket the operational speed, it also opens the road to many creative campaigns and ideas, many of which we’ll discuss in detail below. Additionally, the production cost of printing (which is pretty high for an ad of that size) and the cost of deployment is also eliminated.

Flexible planning

One of the doors digital billboards unlock is more flexible planning of the beginning and the end of a campaign. Traditional displays require a lot of effort and time to change content, but the ability to rotate and adjust the content freely in minutes allows advertising for weekly or even daily events. You can even go so far to advertise based on the time of the day.

Higher traffic

The main reason why billboards of any kind are so expensive to rent is because of the high traffic they have. If you place an ad on a billboard, traditional or digital, it will be seen by many people. Digital, however, is a lot more memorable, provides more freedom for creative campaigns and promises a high amount of people will see your ad and take action.

Digital signage billboards on a busy street

This particular characteristic is the primary reason for selling digital billboard advertising space. It’s a great strategy because ad space of that kind is a highly wanted commodity these days. Why? Because it’s proven to be effective!

Shorter and simpler campaigns

Business owners must think up a campaign which will last a very long time on a traditional billboard. They have to come up with messages which will be interesting and memorable. You might be thinking: “that’s the same as with digital billboards,” but you wouldn’t be entirely right.

Keep in mind that traditional billboards can’t be updated, thus if you notice your billboard message isn’t provoking any noticable results, or it doesn’t quite look as good as you had hoped, there’s nothing you can do about it. Digital billboards eliminate this problem by allowing content creators to breathe and work a little easier. Creative intents can be thrown out and quickly changed if they won’t work out.

Digital billboards give business owners the permission to create shorter and simpler campaigns. Should they prove to be ineffective, they can adjust their strategies accordingly.

Opportunities for creative campaigns

Digital billboards utilize every single benefit digital signage offers, but on a much larger scale. With that in mind, this allows for some creative ideas to be used specifically for every business:

  • For restaurants, you can use three different ads for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the corresponding times of the day.
  • Advertise special offers limited to a certain time of the day.
  • A travel agency can advertise special deals based on destination. For example, it can show a winter wonderland for chillier places, and warm sunny beaches for the more tropical regions.
  • Countdown campaigns are great for special events, product launches, new store openings and more.

Questionable price of ad space

Now we’re diving in the flawed waters of digital billboards which, although somewhat intimidating, aren’t necessarily deal-breakers. In fact, they’re more like guidelines for deal-making during your first contact with this amazing advertising tool.

First on the list of flaws is the questionable pricing of digital billboards.

If you are looking to own a digital billboard which you can use for your own business or to rent it out to other businesses, you’ll certainly have a lot of people knocking on your door. As an owner, the profit is great if you do your job right, so this side of the price is awesome! Still, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy money. An idle digital billboard is a very costly item to own. Thus, make sure to do your research and see if your location ensures you’ll have clients to sell ad space to.

However, if you do not own a digital billboard but instead seek to buy advertising space, you must be aware of more than just the cost in dollars. For a start, digital billboards typically rotate content for a larger number of people who all pay for the ad space. If the time your ad gets on a digital billboard is short, it is possible your audience won't notice it. If that happens, it will get overshadowed by the other ads.

Keep in mind the duration of the ad space you’re buying because despite owning the ad space, the person renting won’t, and often can’t provide proper advice on how effective your ad is going to be next to all the others.

Excessive brightness of digital billboards

Although amazing during the day, a digital billboard at night can be a killer; quite literally. In fact, people have found that the brightness from digital billboards can distract or even briefly blind the driver and cause an accident. This is the reason why some cities ban digital billboards at busy intersections.

Excessive brightness at night can also be very disturbing to the community. That is not something you would want to have associated with your business.

If you’re a business owner, make sure to adjust the brightness for night time. Even if you’re just buying advertising space, look into this matter and see how your content looks at night. Your ad will be worthless if people are too blinded to see it. In fact, you don’t even want them to see it at that point because they’ll probably link your business with the annoyance it causes them.

Not too environmentally friendly

When it comes to the environment, neither of the two sets a good example. First, traditional billboards create a lot of junk once a campaign ends. Second, digital billboards are guilty of being extreme energy wasters because they work around the clock, day and night.

For the moment, using so much energy will certainly increase the cost of maintaining as well as buying advertising space on a digital billboard. As we progress to the future, this matter will likely be less troublesome as methods such as solar power collection are becoming more frequent.

Once again, keep in mind that the flaws mentioned above don’t have to be deal-breakers. However, they certainly are something you should keep in mind and inquire about. This will ensure you get the best possible deal whether you’re buying or selling advertising space.

Their size and power makes digital billboards an interesting investment, however, precisely those two features make them so intimidating. With a digital display or even a video wall, you can test the waters and see how it works first-hand before going in deeper. Sadly, for digital billboards there isn’t a way to take them out for a spin without making a serious investment. Because of this fact, carefully study all the angles and make the most out of them.

Be patient and smart, and your digital billboard investment will work hard - in your favor.

6 Strongest Digital Signage Uses and Benefits in Gyms

Digital signage has become the key element of a modern gym. Ignoring this tool would mean lagging behind the competition and missing out on the many advantages it can provide, both for the establishment and the clientele.

Digital signage benefits in gyms

Gyms are a place where both exercise lovers and haters mingle, with most of us having started off as the latter. Digital signage can greatly contribute to building enjoyment, a habit for exercise and safe practices.

For most people, going to the gym is a challenge, and it’s a struggle to make that challenge a habit. Persistence pays off in the end, but this habit forms a lot easier if the experience is versatile and fun. This is the main reason why people like to listen to music when they workout. Digital signage can be a excellent tool to achieve the same.

1. Entertainment makes exercise more enjoyable

Digital signage can entertain gym members as much as music can, and even work well in combination with it. Livestreams of music videos, fun videos involving exercise you may have found online, and similar entertaining content is a solid start, but you can also take it a step further.

Entertainment isn’t only limited to purely fun content which makes the time pass faster. Short exercise demonstrations are an amazing way to keep members interested in the variety of workouts at their disposal. Interactivity is particularly useful in this context as it allows the user to select the content they’re interested in, resulting in a more comfortable workout experience.

While gyms have adopted TVs in the past, rarely is the watching experience deep enough nor does the exercise duration match the medium. This is where digital signage is a better fit for fitness.

2. Workout programs can run smoother with digital signage

Displaying pre-recorded workouts is one way to ensure exercises flow better and show every viewer how they’re properly executed. Accurate information about exercises using the machines at the gym is very important. Digital signage can also help track the progress of the exercise, especially with workouts like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Workout) training where every second counts.

With HIIT workouts, a digital display can be used to explain how the exercise should be done. Also, it can track the duration of the exercise and count down the time necessary before moving on to the next exercise in the circuit.

Digital signage can act as a substitute for a trainer if there is a time when a gym trainer is not available, or if there are additional group activities members would like to take part in without the necessity of a trainer. This can provoke a more comfortable environment where members can organize group activities on their own.

3. Motivation is never enough!

Although discipline trumps motivation, motivation is a highly effective way to push members forward to achieve higher success. Educational material doesn’t only serve as a way for people to learn, it shows them what the end result of their effort will be. Along with video demonstrations of exercises, you can use other motivational content such as inspirational images and quotes to make the exercise experience much more satisfying.

Tracking exercise results is another way to keep members motivated. Using interactive digital signage, you can allow members to review their results and compare them with their past records, which they can also share on social media.

4. Educate gym members about health and exercise

Exercise is a great contributor to health, this fact is very obvious. However, gym members welcome any help they can get to make their exercises go smoother and yield better results. Displaying tips, suggestions or guidelines to your clients can highlight ways to exercise properly, as well as educate them about nutrition and nutritional supplements they can use to ensure their workouts become as rewarding as possible.

On top of that, use digital signage to help members try out new classes. There are always new workout classes on the horizon. Show pre-recorded videos to let your gym members know what fun awaits them in the upcoming workout plan.

5. Advertise to all clients, new or old

Keeping the previous benefits in mind, you can also squeeze in a couple of minutes of highly focused ads for gym members. You can start with upsell opportunities and advertising the services your gym offers. Special monthly deals or even products you might provide at the gym are great advertising material.

Advertising to the usual crowd as well as newcomers can be organized through digital signage, ensuring you appeal to both audience types. This type of focused advertising doesn’t only provide the opportunity for increased sales, it also shows the client that your business is current and focuses on every type of customer, new or old.

You can combine education and advertising to not only inform the viewer about which supplements or products they might benefit from if they’re looking to achieve a better physique, but also prices and distribution channels how they can obtain them.

6. Recognize success, and provoke friendly competition

Everyone likes to get recognition for their progress, regardless if they’re competitive or not. If you have the means and the will of tracking the data, based on visits and exercise, you can display a list of members who are frequent visitors and who have the best results. This can serve a second purpose to prove that upgrading to a higher program can also yield better results.

Although a list of best performing members might provoke some competition, you can take a different approach and provoke some real competition, involving challenges such as distance traveled or number of exercises completed. This would rule out that guy who just works on his arms but always skips leg day. It’s a fun way to engage the community and get some social media sharing going, which in turn helps you to deploy your social media strategies — which by the way you should have.

Digital signage upgrades your gym to a modern palace of fitness.

Overall, it doesn’t only bring advantages to members. It can also change the way you operate your business. Digital check-in desks make visiting to the gym simpler and quicker. If your gym offers a smoothie bar, think about using a digital menu boards with the flavor of the day.

These are only some of the many options digital signage has in stock for your gym. Not only does it help your business stay current and run smoother, it also greatly contributes to a better customer experience which is probably the number one argument for this amazing tool in any type of customer-centric environment.


6 Inspiring Digital Signage Campaigns You Simply Must See

Every digital signage campaign out there aims to attract the viewer’s attention and share information which is going to be remembered. With digital signage becoming a common tool in our society, you must be creative if you want your campaign to achieve these goals.

No online source can provide you with the single one template you should use, which is both a blessing and a curse. There is a creative and unique digital signage campaign to be created for every business out there, one must merely brainstorm to find it. To help you in the search process, here are some ingenious and inspiring digital signage campaigns certain to spark those inventive synapses.

1. Dick’s Sporting Goods marathon digital signage

Let's kick things off with a simple digital signage campaign highlighting the importance of audience targeting.

Digital signage in marathon environment

Dick's Sporting Goods held a marathon in Pittsburgh with over 30,000 runners participating who all were exposed interactive displays placed on the sidelines. On these displays they could browse and order the latest running gear. Although a rather simple campaign at first glance, it proved to be a great success in a short period of time as the displays were located in an environment where the presence of the target audience was especially dense.

2. Apolosophy displays respond to the wind

Apolosophy, a wide-ranging skin care and cosmetics brand from Sweden, used an original ad to capture the attention of commuters at a subway station. Placed in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, the content on the display would appear as if it were moved by passing trains. Travelers could see a model with beautiful long hair, just casually waiting. However, when a train would approach, her hair would move with the wind brought by the train.

This particular display was fitted with sensors to ensure for appropriate timing for video playback. By being fun to witness, this ad is a perfect example of good presentation which, aside from demonstrating the quality results of the product, also manages to capture the attention of any viewer with ease and be remembered.

3. Pepsi Max’s unbelievable bus stop campaign

This exceptional campaign is so powerful, it might have made a few passengers miss their buses. The idea for Pepsi Max’s campaign is strikingly simple: scare the viewer and then have him or her look at an ad. So simple, and it worked quite well!

A display was mounted on one bus stop walls which acted as a window to the other side of the wall. To passengers waiting for their bus it would appear as a transparent wall. However, out of the blue the wall would change to show terrifying images such as a tiger approaching the “window”, a meteor from outer space, or a giant tentacle grabbing people and pulling them into the sewers. Upon being startled or at the very least entertained, viewers would examine the display and see a Pepsi commercial on the outer side of the bus stop.

4. The Hobbit pulls people into the world of fantasy

While promoting “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”, Warner Brothers relied on the power of digital signage to provide the best movie trailer experience possible, as they describe it.

Using a 64-foot long video screen, they incorporated video snippets and spoiler-free elements from the movie to make viewers feel as if they’re in a world of fantasy for a few short moments as they walk past.

5. Digital signage transforms a changing room into a display

One of the most tiresome places in a clothing store is the fitting room, which is hardly surprising. You end up trying on numerous of clothing items of which you find most don’t suit you. This is especially frustrating if you’re a picky dresser and want to discover the ideal piece of clothing. To make the activity more enjoyable, and certainly more interesting, Timberland—an American retailer of outdoors wear, focusing on footwear—teamed up with FC Mannschaft, a goals-driven advertising agency.

Aiming to promote Timberland's new collection, FC Mannschaft used smart digital signage displays which allowed users to try out the entire collection without ever going to the changing room.

Department stores are experimenting with this technology and the results are quite promising, mainly due to the fact that it doesn’t only appear as practical but fun as well! It certainly makes you want to get in front of the display and try out every item in the store.

6. Mothers advertising tissues through digital signage

Kleenex used mothers as likable and relatable models to promote their tissues with an interactive digital display. Through a touchscreen interface, people could select one of several mothers on display to deliver a message promoting the use of the product. Mothers on the display will also step forward and tell you why you should choose them.

Although interactivity plays a significant role, the main advantage of this campaign is the warm and comfort mothers radiate, ensuring people would approach and at least study what the campaign is about.

All the campaigns we’ve seen are fantastic starting points on your creative journey to your own creative and memorable digital signage campaign. Don't be nervous if you can't think of an original campaign on the spot. Before venturing into the brainstorm process, make sure you have certain steps mapped out:

  • Establish a maximum budget for the campaign.
  • Set specific goals you wish to achieve with this campaign.
  • Identify the audience you want to influence with your creative campaign.
  • Establish which equipment you have at your disposal, or even equipment you'd consider acquiring for the project.

Once you have established these components for the start, brainstorming and creative ideas will come significantly easier. Studying these and more examples of smart and creative digital signage uses can inspire you to come up with brilliant digital signage campaigns of your own, certain to attract the attention of anyone who spots them.

Digital Signage News: oOh!media Reaches $33.2 Million in Profit, ISE 2018, and more!

As we move deeper into 2018, expectations are being met and raised during annual events like ISE 2018. Furthermore, some major results are coming in from specific companies regarding their full-year success of 2017. As we focus on the past of the digital signage world and how it has grown, in this article we are also focusing on what the future of digital signage might look like given how well it’s run has been thus far.

Don’t forget to stay up to date on any potential cyber attack potentially lurking around the corner.  We’ll be talking about ways to recognize and monitor them with new methods.

oOh!media reaches $33.2 million in profit

oOh!media has seen strong organic growth and benefited from their acquisitions made in 2017. This resulted in the final full-year profit increase of 35.5%. The company’s shares rose by 5.4% when the full-year profit was confirmed at $33.2 million. The company predicts earnings of between $94-99 million by the end of 2018.

CEO Brandon Cook said the company was growing faster than the rest of the OOH advertising sector. "We're growing our business faster than the Out Of Home market by continuing to lead the market in delivering innovative solutions for clients to integrate data and content as part of our audience-led strategy across our network," he added.

Hiscox launches first campaign to track live cyber attacks

Hiscox, a leading specialist insurance company, is launching a campaign which tracks cyber attacks in real time by detecting attempts of unauthorized access. Through testing involving setting up a "honeypot" test server, Hiscox discovered up to 25.000 attacks per day.

A digital outdoor campaign will aim to highlight the magnitude of this problem, highlighting the number of server attacks which are detected in real time. Hiscox will offer unique education opportunities, running cyber academies in an attempt to educate business owners to understand how to defend their company from cyber attacks.

ISE 2018 is bigger than ever!

Another ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) convention has recently wrapped up, and it proved to be the busiest and largest annual event in its 15-year history. The ISE trade show is an event any person in the AV industry wouldn't want to miss.

ISE 2018 was visited by over 80.000 people. This is an increase of 10.3% compared to ISE 2017. The floor space confirmed by exhibitors for ISE 2019 predicts a 103% of the total booked for ISE 2018. With an increased attendance of first-time exhibitors and visitors, that number is certain to rise even further.

Digital Signage ISE 2018

Dave Haynes, founder and editor of Sixteen:Nine posted daily impressions from the event, providing a first-person perspective to anyone who might have missed the event, or simply curious to see some honest and thought-provoking opinions about the most important bits.

Digital signage speeding forward, but to where?

Digital signage is moving forward at a rapid pace, as can be seen at every year’s end in profits as well as technical developments of this amazing tool. However, where is it headed? Installation-international recently published an article on this subject about what the future of digital signage might look like.

While it's obvious Digital Signage will continue to become smarter and more impactful in the customer journey, it may evolve differently than expected. For instance, from a technological viewpoint, projections offer a great alternative option for digital signage, delivering compelling solutions which can be applied to 3D surfaces and various dynamic scenarios.

For more details about similar predictions about the future of digital signage, including the prediction of cultural acceptance when it comes to its implementation, be sure to check out the full article.

Digital signage hacked to mine cryptocurrency

An outdoor screen in London was spotted to be mining cryptocurrency. This was a pretty bizarre sight as this particular screen typically displays ads during the majority of its active hours. Terence Eden, a tech enthusiast, noticed and shared photos of the display on Reddit.

The responses on Reddit were as expected full with people finding the matter humorous and suggesting all computer power in the world will eventually be used for cryptocurrency mining. It is still not clear whether this particular computer was hacked and instructed to mine cryptocurrency, or if it was used by an employee who didn’t know it will be shown to the public.

Although a very odd and somewhat entertaining sight to see, it is not that rare as more and more people are turning to cryptocurrency mining and are willing to hack other people's computers to help them do the job more efficiently - and without their electricity bill going up. Be sure to check out more details about this story, as well as other similar cases mentioned in the article.

Digital signage used for cryptocurrency mining

With all news in mind, it’s safe to say that the month of February has been marked by ISE 2018, as will the upcoming month be marked by DSE 2018 on 27th of March. Stay tuned as we will certainly be discussing this must-be event in the upcoming weeks in great detail, alongside more news impacting the world of digital signage.