A New OnSign TV Player is Available! Now Extra Secure!


Grab our latest and most secure version from Google Play Store!

One thing we are obsessed with at OnSign TV is security. We want your information to be secure and private. Your data is your data, and others shouldn't be able to see it or impersonate you in any way.

Since many customers are using OnSign through insecure Wi-Fi networks – where the Player authorization password can be easily picked – we worked hard to implement security right.

That's why this new version of OnSign TV Player for Android uses HTTPS – an encrypted communication protocol widely used by banks – to ensure no one can see your data. We've also implemented certificate checks so no other entity can act as if they were the OnSign TV server.

Aside from increased player security we've also included:

  • A crash collector, to gather anonymized data about errors that might cause the player to restart. We are proactively monitoring issues and releasing fixes mere hours after they are first detected.
  • Saving player events, so in case of a crash or power failure you'll get all unsent event as soon as the Player is back up.
  • Automatic removal of old unused media files, so your device storage doesn't fill up.
  • Bug fixes all around.

Check it out on Google Play Store

Eduardo Felipe,
Project Manager.
OnSign TV