Did you hear it? Audio Track is now available for OnSign TV!


Ever wanted to play some background music, announce the lottery numbers for everyone or even play your national anthem while playing your campaigns?

That used to be hard, as OnSign TV didn't have support for playing music on campaigns. It USED to, because now that's very simple indeed! But how? Don't worry, we will show you.

To use it you need first a few audio files. Go to the files section and upload MP3 audio files at will.

First screen


Once the upload is finished go to the campaings section and choose one you would like to add sound to. On the top of the timeline section, enable the audiotrack checkbox

audio second screen with hand

It will add an Audiotrack to your existing timelines. This timeline works the same way as the others, but with the difference that only accepts audio files. The other timelines accept everything else except audio files, just like before.

audio third screen with hand

But wait! There is more! If you ever want a moment of silence and peacefulness or your neighbors are complaining, you are two clicks away from muting the campaign. Each video can be muted alone in its properties, or you can mute a whole timeline by clicking the sound icon to the left of it.

audio fourth screen with hand

Mute it, save and publish it. Can you hear it now?

audio fifth screen hand

This wraps everything up. Enjoy the new features and please send your feedback to <support@onsign.tv>.

Lucas Rinaldi, OnSign TV.