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‘Give And Get’ System For Smarter Digital Signage Marketing

Advertising is based on conveying a message.

When you create advertising content that attracts attention based on people’s wants and needs, a message is conveyed that evokes the feeling of desire. This feeling of desire is what makes people curious and interested in learning more about a product or service.

From mere paper flyers to digital signage, out of home advertising has progressively offered advertisers the opportunity to convey their message to people anywhere and at any time in the best ways possible.

Potential customers seek a reward or gain. That is essentially what each and every potential customer feels when developing a desire towards acquiring a particular product or service. Take for example when you enter a popular fast food outlet. The use of digital signage with relevant menu options provides people with information and options to satisfy their desire for food.

The exact same approach is being used now at charging stations but at a higher effectiveness. By giving people a hub that offers free power outlets to charge their cell phones whilst travelling, this builds a sense of trust and openness within the end user and in exchange you get their attention and interest!

Think about it.

When you get something you need for absolutely free without any catches, don’t your walls and defenses go down and you become more susceptible to being pitched by the individual or group?

Don’t you feel happily obliged to give your attention or at least consider what they have to say?


Now imagine having a custom designed digital signage that pops up at terminals where people stop to charge their cell phones (which are essential to everyday use), what do you think happens?

The ads on the signage stands out more so than usual!

Not only that, if you were to promote an ad that encourages a purchase related to or through a cell phone, results are increased conversion rates and targeted responses.

An interesting development is the increase of charging stations being rolled out in multiple countries targeting key areas like airports and transits. It has been estimated that 169 mobiles charging stations will be created by JCDecaux targeting about 193 million travelers! In fact, Virgin Mobile has partnered up with JCDecaux in this initiative and all the digital signage installed at these stations will be for the exclusive advertising needs of Virgin Mobile!


Think about all the possible return on investment opportunities created through these charging stations. Imagine integrating advertisements with barcodes that add a relevant company’s contact details to the end users’ mobile or installs an app to the person waiting for their mobile to charge whilst viewing an advert that appeals to their wants and needs!

Let’s look at it on a more personal level.

A traveler at an airport is either doing one of two things – Traveling for pleasure or business. Either way, both groups of travelers can generally be classified as financially capable of acting on offers. A pleasure traveler may be searching for fantastic accommodation and if they were to stop by a charging station to plug in and do a search online, wouldn’t it be highly possible that a digital signage advertising luxury accommodation at affordable prices or specials will catch their attention in the shortest amount of time?

Similarly, a business traveler at a charging station may not be looking for sightseeing hotspots or deals on cell phones but his state of mind will be more tailored around commerce and finance. If the ad digitized at the charging station catered to his mind-set, it is bound to catch his or her interest at an opportune moment.

Take Away Point From This System:

  • Charging stations has increased customer spending by 29 percent.
  • It targets a broader scale of people from different circles of life as long as they have a mobile phone that needs charging.
  • Trust and rapport is established between the agencies advertised at these free charging stations due to the give and get system implemented.
  • Digital Signage marketing is increasingly growing with modern technology and offering a variety of advertising opportunities to crowds out of home.

That is the beauty of establishing charging stations with an abundance of digital signage. It gives a free service to people and gets their attention on advertisements in return. It is truly a marvelously constructed relationship between advertisers, promoters and consumers!

Aks Kojic
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