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Sports Occasions Gain These 8 Awesome Digital Signage Benefits

When it comes to sports fans, they want to be informed about every moment of the event they’re watching, and they turn to many outlets to obtain that information. Digital signage is one of those outlets, but it can do a lot more than just inform fans about the state of the game.

Digital signage can help venue owners please stakeholders, increase revenue from ads, satisfy the sponsors, and at the same time provide fans with the information they’re after. Just as it helps meet the expectations of venue owners as well as of fans by providing several benefits to both.

Digital Signage Benefit in Stadiums

Digital signage has benefits for all venues, big and small. It certainly achieves its maximum potential in large sport venues like stadiums and arenas where there are significantly more people. Smaller sport venues like sport halls, or even bars where people gather to watch sports can also gain some excellent benefits.

Entertainment, live feeds, updates and similar information can be easily managed through a digital signage setup. This is especially valuable in places where people like to bet, thus accuracy and an easy overview are very important.

Digital Signage Benefit #1: Increased attendance

The primary goal that leads to many others achieved in the field, greater attendance is a certain result if digital displays are present in sport venues. They ensure more people being able to see the event in greater detail, especially with digital billboards. This is a benefit not only to people who can’t see the event clearly but also to those who can: replays of recent plays, highlights or stats are watched by every member of the audience.

Digital signage in sports contributes to the viewing experience. Thus, more people attend! Information about the benefit of sport displays quickly spreads as it is a win-win for both the viewers and the host.

Digital Signage Benefit #2: Higher fan engagement

We’ve seen direct activity back in the VIP lounge, but how can the rest of the fans interact with the many digital billboards and displays in the stadium? Social media! During breaks, even the minuscule ones that last a few seconds, you can slip in some interesting social media shares from fans.

Digital Signage Benefit From Social Media

This can result in some interesting situations which can be shared with the entire audience, making for a positive, engaging and even interactive experience.

Digital Signage benefit #3: Advanced technology

Displays and digital scoreboards for sports are a great feat of technology on their own. They’re very useful and influential in providing an enhanced experience for the viewer. Several features of digital signage software are designed specifically for sports to provide a great overview of the current situation on the field.

Digital Signage Benefit in Sports Bars

The tech aspect of digital signage draws people in: a digital scoreboard is one of many practical uses for it. A sports bar with sophisticated digital signage is certainly preferable to the one with a standard TV that streams one game. With that benefit of digital signage in mind, know that you can take it a step further with video walls.

Video walls are great entertainment solution in the world of sports because they provide that flashy appeal of new technology, and are also very useful given the amount of content they can display. Multiple feeds and digital scoreboards really fit well with video walls.

When it comes to video walls, not only is the view of the game bigger, they are easy to install, they are very appealing to your audience, and due to their size they allow for more freedom in creating digital signage campaigns rich in content.

Digital Signage benefit #4: Better navigation

In stadiums and arenas, wayfinding is a great way to use digital signage in sports, as you’ve already seen. When it comes to arenas or stadiums, they’re not the easiest to navigate due to crowds and the size of the venue. Visitors can use them to navigate more easily, find specific parts of the stadium, seats, bathrooms, shops or any other location of importance.

There’s plenty of room to get lost: lots of corridors, floors and lounges. It also helps to inform people of all available exits so people can leave in an orderly fashion, particularly in case of an emergency.

Wayfinding is certainly one of the best benefits digital signage provides to sport venues. Based on its location, a digital display can quickly point to the closest bathroom or exit to ensure maximum efficiency in such a crowded location.

Digital Signage Benefit #5: Increased awareness

Digital signage provides this benefit to many areas of entertainment, including sports, where awareness and understanding of the happening is key for a positive experience.

When we’re talking sports, digital scoreboards are very useful for any venue, regardless of size. A digital scoreboard serves as a reminder of the current status of the game and is also great for keeping track of multiple games at once, if there are several taking place. For example, if people are gathered at a sports bar showing multiple games, a quick overview of anything important is useful for everyone.

Digital Signage Benefit in Sports Bars

People are often interested in more than just one sport, so covering several of them in a quick summary is a great contribution to a positive customer experience.

Digital Signage Benefit #6: VIP enhancement

You can only cater to the entire audience to a certain extent, but the VIP lounges allow you to make full use of digital signage. Replay recent plays, highlights and even go interactive. With less people present there is more room for it: interaction is a very convenient feature for VIP users who want more than just watch the game.

Advanced features of digital signage, including access to statistics, information about each team, the venue and other info can greatly contribute to the VIP experience, increasing the booking of VIP lounges.

Digital Signage Benefit #7: Easier announcements

A massive crowd of people is, well, very loud. If the majority of people are watching the game at least in-part over a digital display, that makes passing announcements a lot easier. Visual influence is a lot easier than the auditory one in such instances.

Announcements of any kind, be it entertainment, advertising or an emergency alert are more effective if broadcast through a channel that is constantly observed.

Digital Signage Benefit #8: More advertising and revenue

With a digital display within reach for every member of the audience, advertising becomes much easier. One would think this is just as effective as a standard banner at a sport venue, but people have learned to ignore advertisements that are on the sides. If you have thousands of eyes glued to your displays, putting in an occasional ad will be very effective. Just make sure you don’t advertise during an important play or the audience might bust out some vegetables.

Digital Signage Benefit in Stadiums

Sports have become a lot more than just a pass time entertainment. In today’s world, many treat it very seriously. Sport fans are very passionate about their team, thus they will greatly appreciate any effort you take to accommodate for that passion.

Digital signage is a multi-purpose tool which helps satisfy both the venue owners and sports fans. Standard displays are great for smaller venues, digital scoreboards are welcome in all locations, and digital billboards help please the larger sport venues with thousands of fans present.

And if you find that those larger venues are not fully booked yet, rest assured digital signage will help rectify that issue very quickly once it’s installed.

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