How to PROPERLY Use Digital Signage in Your Coffee Shop


Is digital signage even welcome in a coffee shop? I suppose you could say it depends on the coffee shop in question. The clear-cut answer though would be yes, so long as it enhances the customer experience in some way and, of course, it does not lower it. 

Every coffee shop is different and unique with its interior, design, and style. In this article, we’ll explore the proper ways to place digital signage in your coffee shop, as well as design appropriate content of loop components and length. If you run a coffee shop, this will spark some ideas to enhance the customer experience with your displays!

Take your time in finding the right placement

Digital signage content is typically designed in a way where it can be perceived in seconds. It attracts attention and delivers information very quickly. For coffee shops which aim to be a zone for relaxation, there is no rush. And trying to build content which is swift and, dare I say, forceful will not be welcomed. After all, your patrons will spend enough time sipping their warm beverage to analyze every corner of your interior. They will see your displays, don’t worry!

Thus, place your digital signage somewhere in your coffee shop where it won’t stick out too much. Mount a display on a wall or a pillar at a comfortable viewing distance for most patrons. Naturally, be mindful of your interior décor. Place the display in such a way that it does not obscure or negatively impact the view of appealing corners and showpieces. Treat it as you would a painting, and place it with care. 

A busy bar, crowded with patrons.

Lastly, tying back to the fact that your patrons will spend a lot of time lounging, be aware that there’s no need for excess displays. Use them tastefully, building an appealing mix of ambiance and information. Another thing to consider, if possible, is to place your displays so that they’re noticeable from the outside. Naturally, don’t endanger the customer experience just to impress passersby. A busy coffee shop full of satisfied customers sends a stronger message than any sign! 

Plan your content loop carefully

Before you even begin reflecting on what content you want to schedule, and the length of your content loop, there is one vital piece of information you must know. How much time will the average patron spend in your coffee shop? If most of your consumers just grab a cup to go, there’s no need to build a lengthy content loop

Meanwhile, if your coffee shop is all about lounging and relaxation, your patrons might lounge for 30-60 minutes. In that case, take your time building content. Invest some effort and build a content loop which is roughly 30 minutes long. Build a mix of videos featuring slow-motion beverages or foods, along with a variety of apps featuring time, weather, fun facts, and maybe a local RSS feed. You can also throw in some visuals to build up an ambiance. Mix the content appropriate to your style and observe the content as your ideal customer would. There are plenty of options for visuals available online! Re-using the same content pieces within your loop is totally fine, so long as the loop isn’t repeating itself in its entirety too soon.

Lastly, don’t rush to transition to the next thing. Let the content sit on your screens for a bit so the patrons have time to absorb it. Also, rapid transitions may make the content become an eyesore at one point as it will consistently tug for attention. Blend your color themes and use visuals appealing to the eye to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Take the customer experience to a new level!

You can use your digital signage to affect your customers even in the long run.

Let’s say you built a lovely 30-minute content loop. Your patrons feel right at home. They’re catching up and having a great time. As time passes, let your digital signage invite them to stay longer. “How about another drink?” Or maybe feature a stunning video of a special menu item each day, every few hours. 

When you get your creative juices flowing, digital signage can truly build a multi-layered experience. Some displays, for instance, can be dedicated for ambiance, while others carry your main content loops which feature offers and keep the experience interesting for patrons who already spent some time there. 

Your content is under a microscope!

There’s always a pause in the dialogue, and we instinctively seek out things around us that are in motion. The digital signage in your coffee shop will be noticed by every single one of your patrons at one point. That’s an awesome fact! Yet, it can very easily backfire. With so much time to observe, this means your patrons will quickly recognize a 3-minute video you’ve been looping for a month now! People notice. How can they not? Your goal is to create a content loop so versatile and rich that no one can establish when it starts or ends.

With digital signage at play, this is easy to achieve through apps. They channel and create self-updating content. Add to that user-generated content obtained through social media and you can automate fresh content to be delivered to your displays non-stop. Then simply mix in your own visuals and promotions and you’re all set!

OnSign TV has apps which are perfect for delivering this sort of content, and they’re quite simple to set up. Here are some of the best. When you’re ready, try them out for free!