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6 New Digital Signage Content Ideas For Your Business

When you choose to invest into digital signage and all the equipment necessary to make it work in your favor, your mind is teeming with ideas! You likely already have content specified for your displays, but seeking out new digital signage content ideas is always a wise move. 

We’ve compiled a quick set of ideas which apply to any business seeking to develop its content rotation further. While some might direct you into new ways of thinking and creating campaigns you never created before, others will highlight the possibilities which have been sitting in front of you all along. With that said, let’s get started with the specifics!

1. Create brand-specific campaigns

The easiest way to make your content stand out is uniqueness. This might not be one of the most ground-breaking digital signage content ideas you’ve come across but it surely works! However, even though creating such content will require some effort, you shouldn’t be intimidated. By focusing on what your business provides to the consumer, you can build unique offers without much trouble. 

A restaurant can offer a discount on a certain food and drink combination. A retail store can sell more by making an entire outfit cheaper than the sum of its parts. Financial establishments could display packages and the best deals their clients could benefit from. What could your business offer to the consumer that’s unique?

Note that this doesn’t just refer to the content shown on digital signage but also creating the offers themselves. If you don’t have them ready, you’re missing out. Each and every business will do well if it has unique offers which entice customers to buy. And if the offers exist, they can be used as part of your next digital signage campaign!

If you’re collaborating with other businesses, incorporating that factor into your digital signage campaigns would be another excellent idea. And if you’re not collaborating with anyone, maybe it’s time to start knocking on doors.

2. Use the data you already have!

Another path leading to unique content is using the content that’s already at hand! 

Brainstorm and see which data is available and waiting to be utilized. Customer testimonials are a great option to start with. And if you don’t have them, simply reach out to customers. If constructed well, customer testimonials will convince new visitors you’re worth their money, thus it would be wise to include testimonials as an occasional part of your content rotation.

Social media posts can also support your business. Make sure to only display relevant social media posts which highlight your business’ features. You could also opt to create a live feed of your social media, but be careful as your control of what is shown on the displays might be reduced if it’s live. 

3. Tailor the content to the environment

When talking about digital signage content ideas, you, of course, aim to create good content. But don’t forget that tweaking the method of its delivery can also have a significant impact. 

A wise way of standing out is taking the environment of your display into account. First, your content could be built based on the time of the day. During the day it should be brighter, and during the night it should be less so for comfort on the eyes. Then there is the physical location of your display. If it’s far from your business, you could include a piece of content which directs viewers to your business. This could be done with something as simple as a measure of distance an arrow pointing to the direction of your business.

Using sophisticated interactive displays, you could create campaigns which respond to the environment.

Still, if you’re aiming for something simpler, creating content with the colors corresponding to the environment of the display will also make sufficient impact.

4. Advertising isn’t everything

When you seek inspiration for your next big digital signage content idea, you might only be focused on marketing and how to create a unique ad. That’s reasonable, and some of the paragraphs above may aid you in your quest, but don’t forget that advertising isn’t the only source of content.

Apart from ads, a nice touch would be adding data that’s not focused on profit. Adding information like local news, weather or even time of day could be a nice addition to your content rotation. Of course, these additions shouldn’t take up all the display time on your screens, but they certainly can be beneficial!

5. Create for both the internal and external audience

If you’re trying to get digital signage to benefit your business overall, you mustn’t neglect the internal benefits it can carry. While the content on your digital displays should be focused on the external audience, make sure some of them are focused on its internal counterpart. 

Digital signage has the power to enhance your work environment and raise the levels of employee engagement significantly. One excellent example would be the assistance it can offer to new recruits through employee training. When looking for new digital signage content ideas, don’t forget about those relevant to your employees too!

6. Upgrade your tools

Looking at existing content and eye-catching campaigns can be a great way to get inspiration for your content. But don’t forget the required tools to transform your ideas into content. By upgrading your tool arsenal and getting more familiar with new methods of content creation, you will be more aware of the possibilities.

Take a look at some of the tools you can use to create your content, including something as simple as editing a photo or a video, to something more sophisticated like software which can help you manage your content more easily. Using digital signage software like OnSign TV, you can be sure your content is being played in the right place at the right time and in the exact fashion you want it to be played!

OnSign TV: Perfect for bringing your digital signage content ideas to life!

These digital signage content ideas aimed to show you more possibilities for creating content, rather than pointing out existing ones. With these ideas in mind, you can create a campaign unique to your business and appealing to your potential customers. On the other hand, if you want to take a look at more examples you can draw inspiration from, take a look at some truly inspiring digital signage campaigns!

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