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The months of 2020’s first half will surely be the most unforgettable ones for many years to come. And yet, it seems as if they’ve flown by so quickly, doesn’t it? Here we are, at another year halfway point, and we’ll take this opportunity to quickly glance back and see how 2020 changed the world, especially that of digital signage. 

We have good news to report as we see signs of recovery from the pandemic. Upcoming events expect their attendances to return to normal levels, and some even exceed expectations! 

2020 has changed the world of digital signage 

Many markets in these trying times face short-term adaptations due to social changes caused by COVID-19, some even for the long term. For digital signage, an important consequence of COVID-19 to consider is the increase of people working from home offices. Many of the larger tech companies have announced that work from home is becoming a permanent means of work for the time being. And it's spreading through companies of all sizes. Although this might sound like a downside for said businesses, there is one plus side of it. They will need less office space. It’s proving to be an acceptable solution.

This rings a big alarm for Out-of-Home advertising to adapt. There are still many sectors which cannot switch to working from home. Essential workers work in these. Retail, manufacturing and healthcare are good examples. This means the outdoor audience is changing significantly, in particular in the area of commuting. Outdoor campaigns will need to be more engaging and effective than ever with potentially less people seeing them on a regular basis.

If you’re looking to see some numbers on the current status of the Out-of-Home industry, highlighting how it changed in 2020 so far, you can find them in our recent article on this topic.

ISE 2021 already expects high attendance

Integrated Systems Europe 2020 took a hit in attendance, for reasons which are justified. However, based on current impressions, ISE 2021 will be a very different story. The event is scheduled to take place in February 2021 and already has over 850 technology and solutions providers committed to participate. This means a 5% increase compared to the bookings for the 2020 show. The 17th ISE event will take place, for the first time, in its new home at the Fira de Barcelona from February 2nd through 5th.

An important note for ISE 2021 is its strategic partnership with The Next Web, a powerful tech media brand which will host a series of presentations and keynotes focusing on all aspects of business growth throughout the four days of the event.

US traffic approaching normal levels

In several of the recent news sets we've given you an update on the current travel in the US. As we've seen, traffic was on a consistent climb and according to the Geopath Mobility Update (June 18th 2020) traffic in the US is now 91% to normal. Most US states circle the 90% line, but 5 states have daily traffic that's above pre-covid levels. You can see individual statistics for each state in the image below.

If traffic continues to rise at this rate, normal levels should be achieved within a few weeks.

Beijing's INDIGO now houses the largest LED display of its kind

INDIGO comprises a large indoor shopping mall, a 369-room business and lifestyle hotel, and a 25-storey office tower. And, as of recently, it also houses an impressive 468-square-meter freeform LED video display in its winter garden atrium. This is the largest LED display of its kind. 9 meters high and 52 meters wide, the transparent freeform display faces inward, creating an enchanting ambiance for indoor visitors, while still allowing passersby outdoors an eye-catching view.

Setting this colossal display up was no simple task. “It was challenging to ensure the surface of the enclosure was flat and the advertising sheet was flat as well,” Daktronics’ Project Manager Larry Liu said. "We were able to customize the enclosure, scaffolding pipes and boards to fit these requirements and finish a successful installation," he added.

DSE 2020 exhibit hall registration now open!

To wrap up this month’s set of news, we remain mindful of the approaching end of the year. One might ponder why that is when it’s only June. It’s important to prepare for the events which were earlier postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital Signage Expo, one of the largest events in the industry, is one such event. And even though its delay may cause a decrease in attendance, we still eagerly look forward to it.

DSE recently announced that registration for its 2020 exhibit hall is now open. The exhibit hall will be accessible on September 16th and 17th, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Conference registration will likely open in the coming weeks. As we do each year, we’ll do a recap of the best bits from DSE once the event is upon us!


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