New Feature: Create Your Own Layouts at OnSign TV!

screen layout pop-up

We understand that having a set of layouts ready to be chosen at your will is very helpful, but sometimes there's nothing like creating a layout by yourself, right?

With that in mind, we are glad to announce that now you can create your own layouts at OnSign TV!

When you choose to create or edit a campaign, you get to the campaign page that you already know, but notice that now you also have a button entitled Add Custom Layout.

When you click it, you are able to add a new layout, configuring its screen divisions one by one. As you inform the x/y coordinates, height and width a live preview is shown in the right side, so you know just how it will look in your player.

Don't know the exactly values you want or should inform for each screen divisions? Don't worry! If any value provided exceeds the screen or overlaps with another screen division, it will be shown as an error.

In the above image, you can see that screen division 3 overlaps with screen division 1 and gets marked as a conflit. In this case, you can adjust the values until they are correct and the overlap is removed.

After creating your customized layouts, you can edit or remove them. Notice that editing is only available to your own layouts and affects all campaigns using that layout.

Now, have fun creating your layouts!

Shirlei Chaves, Software Developer. OnSign TV