New Player Status Page at OnSign TV!


We just went live with a redesign of Player Status page. It is now possible to see at a glance the latest played campaign, the number of errors in the previous 24 hours, whether your players are online and in sync with OnSign TV.

But what is online? The player can be playing everything and some routing issue could be temporarily blocking it from reaching After some discussion we settled that a player is online if it has contacted OnSign TV in the last two minutes. We plan to make this amount configurable in the future.

That leaves us to determine what in sync means. OnSign TV keeps track of when you change: a campaign, a file used by a campaign and a rule. If your change affects a player, OnSign TV will notify it to start updating itself. Therefore we consider a player to be synchronized if it has stored locally all the data it needs to play your campaigns. A player can be offline and in sync without that being an error.

Another niceties: the status of each player is automatically updated in your browser, so there is no need to keep hitting the refresh button on this page; also you can click anywhere in the player to see the list of events.

Happy monitoring!

Eduardo Felipe,
Project Manager.
OnSign TV