OnSign TV Android Updated!


Grab our latest and most reliable version from Google Play Store!

We are very excited about this release of OnSign TV Player for Android, currently version 0.9-beta. It is now possible to automatically start the player upon device boot. From now on if your device experience a power outage or crashes your campaigns resume playing when the device comes back up.

To enable automatic start just go to the Players section of OnSign TV and enable it for any desired players.

Aside from automatic boot we've also included:

  • Improved reliability when setting up the player as it is possible to restart the process in case of failure;
  • An array of new events, such as: campaign list updated, campaign list empty and storage full, keeping you on top of things;
  • A fix for the black-screen flash when transitioning between campaigns.

Check it out on Google Play Store

Eduardo Felipe,
Project Manager.
OnSign TV