Public Transportation Digital Signage Solutions

OnSign TV is a proven and flexible platform for managing signage screens in Terminals, Shelters and In-vehicle!

Digital signage can be implemented at bus stations, airports or train stations. Furthermore, it’s useful inside buses, trains or even taxis to provide passengers with information as they travel.

OnSign TV has developed several features so you can reliably operate your screens at public transportation terminals, outdoor shelters, or even in-vehicle:

  • 3/4G Network operation – OnSign TV player software will work even under poor or no network environments. All content including apps is first cached on players before playback. Player will keep logging media play back and flux data to the cloud once the player gets back on-line.

  • GPS Triggers – Easily create and manage multiple geo-fence regions triggering content based on GPS location.

  • Track players in a live map – OnSign TV offers in-depth player remote control and management.

  • Proof-of-play reporting – Reports can be scheduled and automatically generated aggregating playback information by players, groups, campaigns and more.

Digital Mmap Signage Dashboard

Get to know some of our customers and success stories.

  • BJCTA intermodal station – The Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority has launched a full new terminal servicing Amtrak, Max, Greyhound and Megabus. All the terminal signage screens has been impelemnted by MessagePoint Media and powered by OnSign TV Platform.

  • Más Bus – +Bus has been among the pioneers to operate high-end content inside buses. They create content and operate 100+ screens in Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, bus fleet. Read an interview about their start into changing the commuting experience for hundred thousands of people. If you are specifically interested in the technical aspect, +bus’ feasible solutions will astonish you.

  • Ecotelematics – In Latvia the largest bus carrier keeps passengers entertained throughout their journey with GPS-triggered content.

Premium Hardware partner

IAdea Players are OnSign TV’s go to solution for public transportationa and in-vehicle signage.