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OnSign TV can be used on a wide selection of devices and operating systems. Select the player matching your hardware to ensure you can take advantage of all OnSign TV features!


Version 9.8.12

Samsung Tablet Kiosk Manager – Click here


Version 9.3.12


 Version 8.3.0

OnSign TV for Mac OS is a powerful and reliable choice. Like the Windows player option, you can use a single computer to power one or multiple synchronized screens arranged in different geometries to build a large video wall
Minimum Requirements: – OSX 10.10 – Yosemite and above.

Chrome OS

Chrome OS is designed by Google and offers interesting and affordable hardware choices for powering your Digital Signage screens! 

Learn below how to install OnSign TV on Chrome OS devices:

Samsung Smart Signage Plataform - SSSP

Using OnSign TV to power your “Samsung Smart Signage” (SSSP) screens could not be easier! Take a look at the tutorials below and learn how OnSign TV can empower your SSSP screens.

LG webOS

OnSign TV is compatible with LG Professional Smart Signage Displays 
webOS 2.0 – SM5B, SM5KB, SM3B and UH5B.
webOS 3.0 – SM5C, SM5KC, SM3C and UH5B.
webOS 3.2 – SM5D, SM5KD, EG5CD and EJ5D (We recommend using firmware 04.03.10 or above)
webOS 4 – SH7E, UH5E, UM3E, SH7E, SM5E/KE,
BH7E, BH5E, WP400, XE4F.

How to install


Version 9.3.12

Minimum Requirements:

x86 based CPU,  Ubuntu 18.04,  2Gb RAM


Version 3.2.0

Known for its reliability, BrightSign is a leader on Digital Signage Media Players. Combined with OnSign TV, you will create a powerful solution to drive your screens!


Version 9.7.18

Philips Professional Display Solutions include the Android OS, giving you full control of your apps and connectivity.

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