Android 7.0.3

  • Added support for on demand campaign queuing
  • Added protection to avoid exiting OnSign TV when pressing keyboard “Escape key”
  • Other bug fixes not worth of a bullet point

Android 7.0.2

  • Added support for older Android devices. Requirement now is Android  4.0.1 or above
  • Fixed Remote View issue and reboot for OnSign TV SKM (Samsung Kiosk Manager) package
Update to: SSSP

SSSP 0.8.0


  • Added player initialization/loading progress bar
  • Added player network error screen (only displayed if no campaigns are available)
  • Added support for custom logo


  • Fixed app events timing issues (which affected RSS timings)
  • Fixed apps not being played after a picture (when displayed for less than 5s) in the same campaign timeline
  • Fixed campaign data not being properly updated on rarely occasions
  • Fixed auth for players named using Cyrillic alphabet
  • Fixed background sync after reboot
  • Improved campaign play loop change detection
  • Resynchronize medias on storage change
  • Speedup player startup and campaign playback start
  • Invalidate external storage if USB drive is improperly removed
  • Increaseed debug when skipping campaigns
  • Fixed playback error count not being properly reset

Known issues

  • Portrait HDMI IN playback only works after playing at least one video

Android 5.3.5

  • Geolocation improvements for IAdea players
  • Adds reporting of URL App, SSL errors
  • Fixed audio output selection on HTML apps
  • Other minor bug fixing

Android 5.3.4

  • Improve start up sequence to fix stuck on "Please Wait" message.
  • Fix strict time behavior.
  • Fix blackscreen on HDMI-in campaigns on IAdea XMP-6400.
  • Improve media corruption detection and recovery