Città della Scienza Helps Visitors Move Around Complex Locations

Museum and conference visitors move around large complex locations easier with digital signage screens powered by OnSign TV located in strategical places throughout.

With technology being such a critical part of the Foundation Città della Scienza, which comprises of Business, Training and Innovation Centers, it is presented to arriving visitors at the beginning of their tour. With the OnSign TV App, Città della Scienza rolled out digital signage in several facilities, e.g. ticket offices, restaurants and children's workshop areas. Visitors quickly get informed about the museum’s activities held that day and complementary activities.

Città della Scienza is Italy's first interactive science museum, with more than 10 thousand sqm interactive displaying exhibits, conference rooms and science labs. Its main mission is to bring science and society together by means of technology. This effort was highly recognized with several awards given to the institution during the past years. Among which, the prize Luigi Micheletti for innovative museums in 2005, marking the first time an Italian museum has won it.

Digital signage is wildly used in the museum. During queuing at the ticket office, ticket prices are displayed for those waiting on line. To set the mood and reduce perceived waiting time, prices are shown together with science related content. Content includes news from the science community to make people even more curious about the discovery adventure shortly to take place. These pieces of news are gathered through an application that automatically pulls new entries into the feed, so digital managers don’t have to worry about content update.

The signage network also helps museum visitors getting around the huge cultural complex and get faster to the preferred activities and exhibitions as they are about to start. Since the Foundations is also home to the largest conference center of Southern Italy with a 2,000 seat capacity, when applicable displays go into conference mode and indicate attendees where their meeting is taking place, helping event organization overall.