Latin America’s Largest Cable Service Leverages Signage to Engage Employees

Globosat keeps workers in the loop of the company's latest productions through screens powered by OnSign TV.

Globosat is the largest multichannel cable and satellite TV service of Latin America. It employs over 1.5 thousand people which produce and program audiovisual content for 38 channels. They deliver customized content, ranging from movies, series and soap operas to news, documentaries and reality shows for an average of 20 million viewers.

How do you keep every contributor informed with such volume of content? Having audiovisuality close to heart, digital signage is a short leap. Strategically displayed screens blend corporate communication with other content through a digital signage network, powered by OnSign TV. The human resources and marketing departments leverage digital signage to address employees and visitors all over the company branches. This way, workers keep track of the latest news of their company, as well as announcements, events and award ceremonies.

Some of corporate digital signage's aims is displaying upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, reinforcing workplace standards, promoting employee benefits and company events. Some clips from recent audiovisual content the company produced are also shown in halls and elevators. One of the most valuable outcomes is increasing brand awareness among the company’s employees, thus converting them to brand ambassadors.