L’Etoile’s Magnificent Digital Signage In-Store Experience

The largest Cosmetic Retailer of Russia Leverages OnSign TV for Unique In-Store Experience

L’Etoile is the largest cosmetic and perfumery network in all of Russia, with almost 1,000 stores spread across 280 cities. Recently it had its installations upgraded with roughly 2,000 digital signage displays to deliver a memorable in-store purchase experience and not only keep up but lead with the latest retail trends. Going way beyond traditional signage L’Etoile uses OnSign TV to control a variety of synchronized LED panels which dress the store from walls, columns and even ceiling!

The Make-Up market is one of the most dynamic ones in Russia, amounting to 12% growth per year despite recent economic distress. L’Etoile provides an extensive assortment of make-up items, distributing about 10,000 items from 150 manufacturers, most of them luxury names like Givenchy, Kenzo, Christian Dior, next to its own cosmetic brand. Digital panels were strategically deployed in stores to promote up-selling by highlighting specific products from the catalogue.

Besides making the store stand out with vivid colors, it enhances the brand recognition and opens a path for content experimentation. Flagship stores are equipped with 200sqm of Ultra High (UH) definition LED screens, creating a stunning environment for clients. Naturally, this is optimal for advertising featured catalogue items. Furthermore, the displays set the mood for commemorative festivities.