True Sync Media confronts excessive waiting time with digital signage

Wherever there is a waiting line, True Sync Media makes it more bearable with the most interesting videos available on the internet. The mood brightens as the screen lights up, all while delivering targeted information.

True Sync Media creates exclusive private channels for franchises. Customers do not have to watch a random and cluttered TV channel on mute where the content is not understandable and the ads are at random any longer. TSM converts a habit shared by the vast majority of people - getting busy with smartphones during wait times - and transfers it to the big screen. TSM channels curate the latest video clips having gone viral on social media channels.

Making use of OnSign TV signage platform, True Sync Media sorts out and schedules content in a balanced way, thus blending it with targeted content. Grabbing attention has never been so easy. Your clients' minds are literally begging for something to occupy them with. While you effectively target your audience, the overall experience in-store enhances significantly.

Fresh content is added to the channels on a regular basis and displayed to visitors in clinics, bars, restaurants, offices, stores, and so on! Anywhere people have to wait and wander their minds, a well placed screen converts into an asset. Perceived waiting time diminishes which improves the customer experience.