Travel Time on Buses Feels Shorter with Signage

In Latvia the largest bus carrier keeps passengers entertained throughout their journey with GPS-triggered content

The largest bus carrier in Latvia places a priority to the passengers' commuting experience by deploying in-vehicle digital signage to entertain, inform and diminish the perceived travel length! All 100 screens of the signage network are managed by Ecotelematics, a Finland-based Transport Solutions Provider, working on OnSign TV Signage Software. Ecotelematics opted for OnSign TV as it allows them to easily publish content to the entire network and keep remotely track of each device's performance and connectivity, ensuring a smooth operation.

All passengers experience a quick trip as each vehicle is equipped with screens showing news to keep them entertained while on the road. OnSign TV provides content filters which trigger content according to GPS position, so Ecotelematics can display local news and events as the bus crosses municipality lines. Safety is a top-priority. Passengers can now get familiar with safety guidelines on the screens even before the trip begins. Bus drivers have reported more awareness among passengers since they would fasten the seatbelts more diligently.

Furthermore, Ecotelematics manages advertisement slots, which benefits both the bus carrier, by way of monetizing the signage displays, as well as advertisers, which count on a great media type to target their message. Differently from outdoor signage, in which announcers have few seconds to catch the audience’s attention, transportation signage has passengers in front of the signage for as long as the trips lasts. Passengers can directly access store websites and purchase from their phones or laptops using the on-board WiFi network, ensuring a good return-on-investment.

In-vehicle signage is probably among the most demanding digital signage application. From the software side you need to ensure the player will work well even in poor or no-network conditions. Many times neglected, the hardware requires careful selection. For this project Ecotelematics chose IAdea 's XDS-2170 media player, an all-in-one solution which comes with mounting brackets and anti-scratch tempered glass, making it ideal for buses.