More than a million Passengers Reached Monthly by InTaxi Media

InTaxi Media offers ad spaces on screens inside São Paulo's taxi fleet. Facilitated by OnSign TV's feature content is triggered according to time, locations and even weather.

InTaxi Media sets up and manages interactive in-vehicle displays in Brazil’s largest city - São Paulo which naturally is a huge cab hailing market. Operating screens all over more than 1,000 unit strong taxi fleet, ads displayed on the InTaxi Media system count as much as million passengers reached per month.

InTaxi Media assures the best return on investment by setting content to be triggered according to different filters offered by the OnSign TV signage platform, such as day, time, location and even weather. Ads are blended with news and entertainment, which accounts for 60% of the content shown to the passenger for a pleasant journey.

The monitors are placed on the back of the front seats, where they deliver a unique experience for taxi passengers on the go in the richest neighborhoods of São Paulo. The fleet is spread across cab stands in shopping malls, airports, hotels and business centers, serving all kinds of audiences.

Different packages are on offer for announcers from which they can choose between full screen image or video ads or smaller area features. On top, banner ads may have interactivity enabled for triggering additional info fullscreen or even opening the advertiser's website. Among InTaxi's well-known clients are Swarovski, Volvo, Toyota, Universal and Cinemark, just to name a few.

With OnSign TV Reports, InTaxi Media provides their clients complete proof-of-play, indicating how many times each campaign was displayed as well as actions performed by taxi passengers on interactive campaigns.