How to set up default content (with Default Player Group)

When connecting a new device to your account, it will be empty at first. You need to publish your first content to show relevant content on your screen. You may have content which is common for all of your devices, like a default company video. You can have it immediately … Read more

How to change a credit card

Changing your payment method is only a few clicks away. Click on your Username on the bottom left corner. Click on “Subscription”. Click on the orange “Adjust Subscription” button in the top right corner. You will see a recap of your subscription and your payment method. Click on the “Choose … Read more

How to delete user groups

Clean out permissions for all users of a group at once by deleting the user group. If you wish to quickly remove permissions from a group, you can simply delete the user group. Users in this group will then automatically lose all previously given permissions, as well as access to … Read more

How to add permissions to groups

Give access to content and players to multiple restricted users in one click. If you as the OnSign TV admin created new content or players and wish to grant multiple restricted users access to it, simply add permission to a group. This works the same way as giving permissions to … Read more

How to create user groups

Give the same permissions to multiple users in bulk. If you have content or players which several users should have permission to edit, publish or delete, bring all users into a group and allow them all to perform the same actions. This will save you a couple of minutes as … Read more

How to share files and folders

Understand types of folders and how you can organize and share content with other users. User’s folder Each new user account you create will receive a specific folder, so all content they upload to the platform will appear inside it. Let’s say the user creates a folder and names it … Read more

How to upgrade the trial account

You haven’t subscribed to OnSign TV yet? Send an email to our team ( if you have any questions about pricing and plans. After the 14-day trial period, you won’t be able to access your OnSign TV account and modify content anymore, however the screens keep displaying them. After another … Read more

How to delete an OnSign TV account

Are you sure you want to delete your account? We are sure we can help you solving your issues. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Even if you are sure about your decision, we would like to know what made you take this step. We always welcome suggestions to … Read more

How to download your invoice

You can check your billing history in the Subscription section. Your OnSign TV subscription is charged automatically on a monthly or annual basis. Each payment is saved in the billing history in the Subscription section. If you need a receipt, you can download and print an invoice file and through … Read more

How to change the app logo on the player

Increase your brand awareness even without any content yet! Every time you associate a new player to the OnSign TV account, it will display the OnSign TV logo above the “No campaigns available” message as shown below: You can show your own logo instead: Go to your OnSign TV account … Read more

Integrate social accounts

In order get content from your social and other accounts onto your OnSign TV apps, you first need to authorize your OnSign account to access those account. This applies to Facebook and DS menu apps. Learn quickly how to integrate these services with OnSign TV. Log into your OnSign TV … Read more

Using FTP clients

FTP clients, softwares for file transfer, have several advantages such as continuing an upload from where it stopped after the internet connection was interrupted. Most softwares in addition allow to queue items for uploading and to schedule transfers. In this tutorial you will learn how to use the FileZilla FTP … Read more