Enabling FTP service

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is a simple network protocol that allows users to transfer files from their computers to a server. You already use it when uploading files directly to OnSign TV via the browser, but FTP clients – softwares tailored for file transfer – offer further … Read more

Set account email notifications

Set your email notification so you receive the latests news as well as monthly or yearly invoices and payment receipts: Click on your username on the bottom-left corner in your OnSign TV account. Select then “Settings” from the menu. Select “Email Notifications” from the sidebar menu. There are the following … Read more

Change personal user info

If you wish to modify your personal user info, go through the next steps: Click on your username at the bottom-left corner in your OnSign TV account. Then, hit “Settings”. The loaded page will display your account information. You can change the following personal user info: Company Name (optional) Full … Read more

Delete a user account

You can delete a user account anytime. All content the user had created or changed will remain on your OnSign TV platform. For instance, if the user created and published a campaign to ‘Player A’, it will keep playing even after the user account is deleted. In your OnSign TV … Read more

Setting permissions to other user accounts

When you create an additional user account, they can only modify the content or players they create on their own. Upon adding a user account, you can give the user permissions to change previous content and players which are already stored on your OnSign TV account: In your OnSign TV … Read more

Create additional user accounts

You can create additional user accounts for other users to help you manage your digital signage operation on OnSign TV. Create as many accounts as you want: Click on your username on the bottom-left of your OnSign TV account and then select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Select “Users” from … Read more

Adjust the number of player licenses

If your current OnSign TV subscription doesn’t meet your demands anymore, you can increase or decrease the number of player licenses through your account in a few steps. Check it out: Click on your username in your OnSign TV account home page bottom-left corner. Then select “Subscription” from the drop-down … Read more