Running as a Screen Saver

One of the many use cases for digital signage is running the OnSign TV player as a screen saver. The idea is simple yet can be extremely powerful in some specific scenarios: Mobile Phone Store – You can have several Android phones and tablets, running OnSign TV as a Screen … Read more

How to disconnect a Player – Android

If you no longer want to use a device and it’s an Android, you can disconnect the Player from your account in a few easy steps. You can do it either from your Laptop in OnSign TV page, or directely on your media player settings. On OnSign TV Page: Log … Read more

Philips D-Line – How to install OnSign TV App

OnSign TV supports Philips D-Line Series Displays. In this tutorial, you will learn how to access the Android interface and install the Player App on your device. Turn your monitor on. If this is the first time, you need to adjust the language and connection settings according to your preference. … Read more

How to install OnSign TV on iAdea Players

First, using your PC download the Standard OnSign TV player and SPM package onto a USB stick. You can get the APKs from: Next, install the OnSign TV and SPM apps on your iAdea Player. Get an instruction PDF from iAdea here or follow the steps below. Plug … Read more

Setup Samsung Kiosk Manager

Keep users from leaving the digital signage app on a Samsung device. Install and setup Kiosk Manager in 5 easy steps: Download Samsung Kiosk Manager (SKM): SKM for Android 8.0 and below SKM for Android 8.1 and above Install the Kiosk Manager on your Samsung tablet and start the application … Read more

Enabling Kiosk Mode

The kiosk mode is a feature available from Android 5 and up locking the device to only run OnSign TV. This is a security feature particularly useful for touch devices, preventing users to access any other Android feature or setting. Once the Kiosk mode is configured the device will: Not … Read more

Installing and using ADB

In order to install the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and connect your device to a computer, you need to perform two steps: Install ADB on your PC. Enable developer mode. ADB is an Android project tool available for free on the Android SDK. We suggest a stripped-down version like the … Read more

Install Android Player Software

In order to reach your campaign goals, you need to show them! You need: a screen, a player and a player app. The OnSign TV Player App changes according to the operating system of your device. If your player runs on an Android Operating System, you need to install the … Read more