How to update the OnSign TV player app manually

Read this tutorial in case you could not update the player app software directly through your OnSign TV dashboard: If at trying to update your OnSign TV player app, a pop-up shows up on your screen that it could not be updated, it means your device does not have the … Read more

How to update a player version offline

Keep your players updated to have access to all of the newest OnSign TV features and enhancements This is possible even in environments with poor to no internet connection. Follow the next steps to upload the newest app version to an offline player: For the first step you will need … Read more

How to setup automatic player update

Updating is essential for continued access to OnSign TV’s new features as they come out. You’ve already learned from a previous tutorial how to update your player’s software. If you have many players, don’t bother updating one by one yourself: set your player to automatic update. In your OnSign TV … Read more

How to update your player software

OnSign TV’s development team is constantly working on improving your digital signage managing experience. That’s why every now and then you get to see the following message on the Player’s tab: Updating your players gives you access to enhanced services and new features added to the OnSign TV platform. Even … Read more