How to setup default content (Default Player Group)

When connecting a new device to your account, it will be empty. You need to publish the first campaign or playlist, so as to reach the audience with relevant content. Depending on your signage setup, there may be content that is common for all devices. In this case, you can … Read more

How to delete an OnSign TV account

Are you sure you want to delete your account? We are sure we can help you solving your issues. Don’t hesitate to contact us through Even if you are sure about your decision, we would like to know what made you take this step. We always welcome suggestions to … Read more

How to change the App logo

Increase your brand awareness on the OnSign TV App! Every time you associate a new player to the OnSign TV account, it will display the OnSign TV logo above the “No campaigns available” message as shown below: You can replace this image with your own logo through your OnSign TV … Read more

Integrate social accounts

In order get content from your social and other accounts onto your OnSign TV apps, you first need to authorize your OnSign account to access those account. This applies to Facebook and DS menu apps. Learn quickly how to integrate these services with OnSign TV. Log into your OnSign TV … Read more

Using FTP clients

FTP clients, softwares for file transfer, have several advantages such as continuing an upload from where it stopped after the internet connection was interrupted. Most softwares in addition allow to queue items for uploading and to schedule transfers. In this tutorial you will learn how to use the FileZilla FTP … Read more

Enabling FTP service

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is a simple network protocol that allows users to transfer files from their computers to a server. You already use it when uploading files directly to OnSign TV via the browser, but FTP clients – softwares tailored for file transfer – offer further … Read more

Set account email notifications

Set your email notification so you receive the latests news as well as monthly or yearly invoices and payment receipts: Click on your username on the bottom-left corner in your OnSign TV account. Select then “Settings” from the menu. Select “Email Notifications” from the sidebar menu. There are the following … Read more

Change personal user info

If you wish to modify your personal user info, go through the next steps: Click on your username at the bottom-left corner in your OnSign TV account. Then, hit “Settings”. The loaded page will display your account information. You can change the following personal user info: Company Name (optional) Full … Read more