Multi-screen Synchronized Playback

OnSign TV allows you to define a master player to synchronize playback of content on multiple screens. Requirements: To ensure an efficient synchronization, all players must be connected to a wired highspeed network. Supported on: Android Windows LG webOS Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) BrightSign Chrome OS How to create … Read more

How to remove a player

OnSign TV is quite flexible on how you manage the number of players connected to your account, meaning you can add or remove players at any time. Important note:  If you are removing the player and want to also reduce the number of licenses you subscribe you will need to … Read more

How to define Player location

Knowing a Player name is good, but sometimes with a large signage network, its location will give you a better idea of which Player you are currently looking at. By default, your OnSign TV account tries to use your Player’s GPS, Wi-Fi or IP address to determine its location. But … Read more

How to restart OnSign TV App

Just like rebooting your Player when it shows hardware troubles, you can also restart the OnSign TV App on the Player when the software experiences difficulties. This works just like restarting a computer. It gives the App a fresh start, relieving it from clutter. No need to physically go to … Read more

How to mute a Player

Depending on the display location, visual-only information is just exactly what you need. What is the use of audio in a crowded place, such as a train station or a busy avenue? Probably not much but additional noise which does not add up to your Campaign’s content. For those devices … Read more

How to schedule download hours for Players

By default, the Players are set to look for updates in realtime throughout the week. Each new file you put in a Campaign will be instantly downloaded to the Player. However, you can customize this option to your needs. You can modify when the Player will search for new files … Read more

HDMI-in compatible hardware

The HDMI-in App will only work on a list of selected hardwares: iAdea XMP-6400 Zidoo X9, Z9X, X9s MeLE RTD1195 Geniatech ATV 1810 Qbic BXP-301 Samsung SSP2 Displays Samsung SSP3 Displays Samsung SSP4 Displays Samsung SSP5 Displays Samsung SSP6 Displays LG webOS 3 LG webOS 3.2 LG webOS 4

How to replace Player device

Replace hardware without losing your Campaigns on it. Do you plan on enhancing your digital signage system with the latest screen available? Replace the monitor without wasting a second with Campaign management. There is no need to remove a Player only to connect it again to your account because OnSign … Read more

How to rename a Player

Things change and so do Player names. If you want to change a Player’s name after it is already set up, there is no need for disconnecting and connecting the Player to your OnSign TV account only to rename it. Follow the quick steps below to learn how: In your … Read more

How to find the external storage path

In order to use external storage – such as an SD card or USB stick – you need to paste the storage path into the Player settings in your OnSign TV account. The path should look something like mnt/external_sd or mnt/external. However, the path is different across devices and might … Read more

How to use external storage with Players

Enable external storage in your Player settings to be able to download more files onto your device. Usually, Players can handle between 8 to 16Gb. With an SD card or USB stick, you can expand your storage and playback full HD videos without problems. Follow the steps below to start … Read more

How to apply default settings to New Players/Player Groups

Is there any configuration which applies to all of your Players? Then don’t waste any more time and set it up in one click! You can also select to apply the settings to Player Groups, instead of all Players. In your OnSign TV account, click on your username on the … Read more