How to add transition effects to playlist items

Transition effects are also available for campaigns and campaign timeline items. Check out this tutorial for an overview of transitions and animations. Choose an existing playlist or create a new one. On playlist loop, hover the mouse over the content you want to add the transition to.  Hit the gear … Read more

How to add files, media and Apps to a Playlist

Pack all files in a Playlist loop! Playlists are a great way for organizing and packaging your content. Once your Playlist is created, they can be published to a single Player, or a group of Players. A Playlist can be built with: Media files or Apps Campaigns Other already created Playlists Important:Media … Read more

How to distribute Campaigns by Category

Use Playlists to organize and distribute your Campaigns by Category. If you wish to display a varied cycle of content throughout your signage network, you can publish Playlists to Players instead of publishing Campaigns one by one. There are several advantages, such as better control of total playback length, easily … Read more

Add restrictions to Campaigns in Playlist

This tutorial will show you how to add a restriction to a Campaign in a Playlist. It is different than adding restrictions to a campaign that will apply for all players. You can also set a campaign restriction for a specific player. Click on the “Playlist” folder you saved the … Read more

Use categories to distribute campaigns

Sort out automatically different categories of campaigns in campaign playlist. For that, you need to create several categories to differ campaigns according to their purposes. Create news, entertainment, advertising and video categories, for instance. You can do that when creating a campaign. On your OnSign TV account, click in the tab … Read more

Publish Campaign Playlists to a Player

Follow the next steps to publish Campaign Playlists to a player. If you don’t know what a Playlist is, go to this tutorial and learn how to create a Campaign Playlist. Go to the Content page in your OnSign TV account homepage and into your Playlist folder where you saved … Read more

Create a Campaign Playlist

Instead of publishing Campaigns to players one by one, you can gather Campaigns and publish them all at once. A Campaign Playlist makes Campaign publishing and ordering much easier.Learn how to create them: Go to the Content page of your OnSign TV account homepage. Click on “New” and then select … Read more