Content Publishing Approval Flow

OnSign TV offers an extremely granular user permission system. This way, it is possible to enable only specific users to review and publish content to players.   To better illustrate this example, let’s create three roles on the flow: Designer – Person in charge of creating layouts and upload new … Read more

How to manage published content in player

You can manage content previously published to player anytime, either on a specific device page or on group of players. On your OnSign TV platform, select the device or group of devices you want to overview. You can select them by clicking on “Players” or “Group of Players” on left … Read more

How to pause Campaign playback on specific devices

Interrupt Campaign playback without complete unpublishing. Follow these tutorial steps for momentarily interrupting Campaign exhibition on a specific device or group of Players. Alternatively, you can also pause a Campaign on the entire network – check this tutorial. Pause a Campaign on a Player In your OnSign TV account, click … Read more

Publish Campaign to tagged Players

If you keep the (good habit) of tagging Players, you can benefit from it during Campaign publishing. You can prevent Campaigns from being played on tagged players, or only publish to them. For instance, let’s say you are a digital signage provider and distribute advertisements within your network, which include … Read more

Publish tag filtered Campaigns

New Player and nothing to play on yet? Make Campaign publishing faster and more efficient. As your digital signage operation evolves, you might find yourself looking for a specific Campaign among hundreds, or scrolling down endlessly, looking for Campaigns to fill your newly set up player. Make this procedure quicker … Read more

Fallback Campaigns

Set standard Campaigns to play during out of work hours or maintenance with Fallback Campaigns. This publishing filter sets Campaigns to play only when other Campaigns are not scheduled to play. Tip: Use this filter for Campaigns that are not directed at a specific public and don’t depend on time … Read more

Publish Campaigns to offline Players

Trouble connecting a Player to the internet? You can still publish OnSign TV content to it while offline. This is useful especially if you have Players which are constantly disconnected. The only requirement is a USB stick. Note that this feature is only available to selected OnSign TV accounts. Create … Read more

Add restriction to campaign

Use this feature to add restriction to a campaign that should apply to all players. For instance, if you have a christmas or birthday message. Also apply this settings for campaigns that should not play in a certain time. Set a campaign to play from Monday to Friday, making sure … Read more

How to pause Campaign exhibition

In case you notice a mistake in an already published Campaign, you can click on “Pause Campaign” so it won’t be displayed in any Player while you’re on it. In the meantime, you can correct it. Click on “Publish” under the targeted Campaign in your OnSign TV account. Click the … Read more

Reorder Campaigns in Players

The Campaigns you create will be shown on your Players in to the order you publish them. Thus, a recently published Campaign is added to the end of the loop. However, you can reorder Campaigns any time by following the steps below: In your OnSign TV account, click on the … Read more

Publish campaigns for a period of time

With this feature, you can control the period of time your campaign will play. You can limit it to a date, days of the week or even hours. In your OnSign TV account, select a Campaign and click on “Publish” under the Campaign you want to set this feature to. … Read more

Unpublish Campaigns

You can unpublish Campaigns from your Player in case they are outdated or have no longer any use. Unpublish from specific player In your OnSign TV account Content page, select the Campaign, right-click on the three dots and select the “Publish” option. Select from which Player(s) you wish to remove … Read more