Firewall Settings

If you run your OnSign TV players behind a firewall, it will be required to configure a few domains and ports for the players to operate. Please, make sure you build your Firewall rules using the domains listed below and NOT an IP-based whitelisting. We would like to reinforce this … Read more

Windows Video Capture Device

This tutorial describes how to connect video capture devices to the OnSign TV WindowsPlayer. Requirements: OnSign TV Windows Player version 10 or higher Using a VLC compatible video device While installing VLC is not mandatory, is nice to have it for testing the capture device under VLC Having successfully installed … Read more

How to connect a player to your account

To connect a player to your account, first you need to have a player software installed on your device – whether it is a tablet, a computer, or a media box. Which player software you need, depends on your device’s Operating System. Go to the Setup section of our tutorial … Read more

Replace an existing player

Replacing a player is often required for upgrades or to replace a bad unit. The process to replace an existing player is as easy as connecting a player: Get your new player hardware ready, make sure the device is connected to the internet and open OnSign TV. Log into your … Read more

Using OnSign TV China Proxy Server

Inside China, you can improve access speed with the OnSign TV China proxy server.     Access your OnSign TV account with Connect your players to the server in Asia following the instructions below. Connecting OnSign TV players to the Asia server: Before assigning the player to your OnSign TV … Read more

How to disconnect a Player from your account

If you no longer want to use a device, you can disconnect the Player from your account. If you just want to replace a player, please follow this guideline. This way content and schedules will be moved to the new player. Log into your account. In the menu on the … Read more