How to set timeout content

Signage can be used for several different purposes: besides displaying ads, you may also trigger websites and let user interact with screens. When you deal with interactive content, such as forms, websites, menus, mapping, you can’t be sure on how long people will take to explore it. When you are … Read more

Transitions & Animations

Adding transitions can greatly improve your content making it more pleasant and fluid. OnSign TV supports transitions between campaigns, timeline items and also playlist items. Sample Transition effects Fade Slide over Slide in/out Minimum requirements: Android Player App 9.0.0 Windows Player App 8.0.0 Linux Player App 8.0.0 Mac OSX Player … Read more

How to add transitions to timeline items

Transition effects are also available for campaigns and playlist items. Check out this tutorial for an overview of transitions and animations. Select a existing campaign or create a new one. On campaign editing page, scrolldown until the campaign timeline. On the timeline, click on the image or video file. On … Read more

How to add campaign transition

Transition effects are also available for campaign timeline and playlist items. Check out this tutorial for an overview of transitions and animations. On your content page, click on “New” > “Campaign”. Upon setting up name, select the transition you prefer on the campaign information box.  Edit the campaign and hit … Read more

How to create interactive buttons

Allow your audience to interact with your campaign at the touch of a button. *Supported on OnSign TV App for Android 4.2.0+ and Windows App 9.1.1+ Before you create buttons, you have to establish where the button on your screen is going to be and what the button is supposed … Read more

How to duplicate Content

Copy content to modify it. Let’s say you play a piece of content across different locations, but each location needs to have its local news displayed. For that purpose, it is easier to simply duplicate the content, e.g. a Campaign, and solely replace the corresponding RSS News feed of each … Read more

How to add an audio track to a Campaign

Add mp3 files into your timeline and let your campaign speak to your audience’s ears. In your OnSign TV account, create a new Campaign or edit an existing one from your Campaign folder. In your Campaign Creator’s Content library, click on the orange “New” button and “Upload File”. Select an … Read more

How to use the Timeline

The Timeline is your digital signage stage! Master this tool in a few seconds Access your Content page and click on the button “New” followed by choosing “Campaign”. The Timeline is right under the Screen Layout and is the central point of your Campaign, showing how many media items and … Read more

How to search for Campaigns by Tag

Did you take care and tag all campaigns you created? Now, all this effort will pay off! Find that campaign you forgot the name of by using Tags. Needless to say that you must have filled the tag field beforehand! Find a tagged campaign in no time by following the … Read more

How to use Tags

Organize your Campaigns and Players with Tags: classify them according to region, content, target audience, or anything you want! Besides Categories, you can add Tags to certain things in your OnSign TV account, thus they will be easily found. If you are drowning on content, no doubt tags are there … Read more

Create carousel slider for photos

Let the audience decide when to switch the image, as opposed to a non-stop timeline loop. *Supported on OnSign TV App for Android 4.2.0+ and Windows App 9.1.1+ Assemble photos in an image carousel slider with the interactivity feature. See the result below: In this tutorial, we are going to … Read more

Setting custom resolution to match your display or video wall

Are you displaying digital signage on an UltraWide monitor, video wall or any other nonstandard proportion device? Then, custom resolution is what you need. This option is part of the layout section in your campaign editor. If you don’t know yet how to create different screen layouts, adding different divisions … Read more