How to display instagram pictures

Presenting Instagram’s pictures is one way of showing photos without the need to uploading them to white_label server. You also won’t spend storage space. On your white_label account, click on “App” tab on the top of the page. Click on “Add App” on the upper-right corner. On the pop-up window, … Read more

How to use the Movies App

Display info about upcoming and box office movies on signage displays. The Upcoming movies App will feature several pieces of info for box office and soon to be released movies for every country. Get to display movie title, poster, main actors and actresses, genre and director. In the “Content” tab … Read more

How to display streaming videos

Use the Stream Video Link App to stream RTSP or HLS feeds to Android media players. This feature is supported by newer Android versions, working better on 5.0 or more recent devices. On your OnSign TV account, find the App Gallery (How to Add Apps) to be able to look … Read more

How to use the Media Cycling App

Display different media with each new campaign loop. Media Cycling is a powerful App which allows you to display different content each time the campaign begins to play. Combine news and other useful information with this Media App for an informative, entertaining campaign yet pleasant. Learn how to use this … Read more

HDMI Input – How to display live TV

Now you can connect any video source to your player when using a player which supports HDMI input! *THIS FEATURE IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO SELECTED PLANS! **THIS FEATURE REQUIRES COMPATIBLE HARDWARE! The HDMI Input App is a simple yet powerful feature allowing you to present in fullscreen or in a specific screen … Read more

How to use the Twitter App

Twitter is a social network with 320 million users. Real-time 140 characters texts are coming out each minute. Where else could you find better content? *ONLY AVAILABLE TO SELECTED MARKETS!   Although Twitter’s user numbers are a far cry from Facebook’s 2.3 billion active accounts, the short message social media … Read more

How to use Media Apps

Use this App category to display media from your file maps or RSS Feeds in your digital signage operation. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and basically is a format websites use to deliver new content. There are many services that provide digital signage content through RSS, such as Screenfeed. … Read more

Configure Zapier Instagram RSS on an App

This tutorial will guide you through adding an App with a Zapier Instagram RSS to your OnSign TV account. To get started you need to have configured Zapier as described in our previous tutorial about Zapier RSS and Instagram. Start by clicking the “+ Add App” button on the “Apps” … Read more

Create Instagram feed for OnSign TV

This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a Instagram RSS feed. For that, you need first to allow Zapier to access your Instagram account. If you don’t have a Zapier account yet, check out this tutorial and learn how to create it. This will take less than … Read more

How to display RSS video feeds

Displaying video feeds is the most effective and efficient way to decrease perceived waiting time! Whether you operate digital signage in hospitality, retail or healthcare establishments, all of them have something in common: lines. Avoid boredom with the most attractive content there is available online without the need to produce … Read more

How to add YouTube videos to campaigns

YouTube is only one of several Social Network Apps available with OnSign TV. This App is a great way of sharing video in your digital signage without the need of uploading files to OnSign TV separately. It is even better if your company already has a YouTube channel full of … Read more

Website Link App – Adding a URL to your signage

With the Website Link App you can quickly present a website and configure to either block or allow users to interact. Here are the steps to configure the Website Link App: To find the App Galley button, you go to the “Content” page and click on “New” at the top … Read more