How to monitor device resource usage

You can check out each device resource usage through OnSign TV page. Click on “Players” on the left menu. Choose one of your devices. Hit “Resource Usage” on the left menu. There are up to eight different graphs available, depending also on your device operating system and reporting capabilities: CPU … Read more

Set email notification for player errors

Nobody can monitor every screen at all times. Therefore, the system monitors it for you. The email notification feature notifies you in case of a player error. This is how you set up email notifications: Go to the Settings in you OnSign TV account In the menu you find the … Read more

How to monitor Players on your Dashboard

OnSign TV provides a complete Dashboard to keep track of your entire signage network at a glimpse. You can access your account panel as follows by logging into your OnSign TV account and clicking on the Dashboard tab on the left. It’s that easy. Below we will go through each … Read more

Display Player screen view on website

Obtain an embed code and paste it to any website to display the Player screen view *AVAILABLE ONLY FOR SELECTED PLANS! Request our support team to enable this feature on your account. In your account, go to the “Players” tab. Select the Player you want to display on the site. … Read more

How to remotely reboot Player

If your Player hardware is showing limitations, such as constant crashes, use this advanced feature instead of rebooting the device manually. All you need is an internet connection to access your OnSign TV account. It is certainly handy, particularly if you manage a digital signage network with several locations and … Read more

How to remote control your Android Player

Control your Android Player through the OnSign TV website. Besides remotely viewing the Player, you can even control it through the same page on your OnSign TV account. With this feature, you can access Apps and change settings. Click on the Player tab on your OnSign TV account and choose … Read more

How to shut down Windows Players

Set your Windows Player to shut down automatically after working hours on OnSign TV website. In your Player Settings, you have the option to shut down your Player. This feature is available to Windows Players only – other systems may just be set to turn off the screen. With this … Read more

How to create Player Groups

Group players together and publish content faster. When you reach a certain number of players, campaign managing can become confusing. How to make sure you are publishing the right content to the right player? Well, player grouping is the answer! Combine player displaying similar content into groups and speed up … Read more

How to monitor Player events

Keep track of everything happening to your Player at the exact same time it is happening. Each time your Player connects to the Wi-Fi, all Player updates will be reported in a Player events overview. In your OnSign TV account, click on the “Players” tab at the left of the … Read more

How to remotely view Player

You can check from the convenience of your OnSign TV website what is playing on your screen at this very second without needing to leave your desk. You not only get to know on your monitor which Campaign is currently shown, but you can also actually see the content from … Read more

Set Player screen black after working hours

OnSign TV Players can show Campaigns at all times. When there is no Campaign scheduled they will display a logo, but you can also turn screens black outside of working hours. To set up the screen working hours, follow the steps below: Click on your username at the bottom-left of … Read more