BrightSign – Installing OnSign TV Player

OnSign TV can be installed on the following BrightSign Players: BrightSign Series 3 (LS3, HD3, XD3, XT3) BrightSign Series 4 (LS4, HD4, XD4, XT4) BrightSign Series 5 (Coming soon!) There are three ways to install the OnSign TV Player into BrightSign. Using BSN.Cloud (preferred) – This option allows remote installation … Read more

Installing OnSign TV on Raspberry Pi

BETA VERSION – While we have already performed several tests, the current OnSign TV Raspberry Pi Player is still marked as Beta. Please report any issue you may find to Important notes before installing We recommend using a screen output resolution of 1920×1080. Older boards may require lower resolution … Read more

Firmware Upgrade Samsung SSSP 2 and 3

Upgrading Manually with Regular Menu OSD Upgrading from the regular menu OSD is very easy. Just make sure you have your firmware upgrade file on the USB and it is plugged into the LFD. Then you find the menu options from the following: Menu – > Support -> Software Upgrade … Read more

Rotate Screen – Windows Player

Screen rotation for Windows players is controlled by the Windows video driver, so there might be additional ways for configuring the portrait mode depending on your video card. Here is how you configure Portrait Mode using the Windows 10 settings: Right click on the desktop and select Display settings. 3. Select … Read more

BrightSign Factory Reset

A good practice is to factory reset your player before getting it deployed to the field. This will ensure you get a clean install. To factory reset BrightSign Player you should: Power off the player Remove the SD card and format it (FAT32) Put back the SD card with the … Read more

BrightSign – Installing OnSign TV using

The is a free service provided by BrightSign for helping with deployment and remote player management. Using the in combination with OnSign TV you can: Install OnSign TV Player into BrightSign devices remotely Remotely update the BrightSign player firmware Get remote player screenshots. You can even see the … Read more

Brightsign WiFi Network Setup

WiFi will only be available if you are using a supported BrightSign WiFi module.   More info at   If you have the WiFi module installed and chose this option, you’ll be asked for the network SSID and password.   Go to Start -> Network-> Setup WiFi In this … Read more

BrightSign – Alternative OnSign TV Installation Method

NOT RECOMMENDED METHOD While this is an easy and convenient installation method, this process does not allow configuration of the players’ network and timezone settings. Installation steps: Download the file: Copy the zip file into the root folder of an empty FAT32 SD Card. Put the SD card into … Read more

Install Flash – Linux Player

Step 1: Add Canonical Partners Repository Add this repository using the command: sudo add-apt-repository “deb $(lsb_release -sc) partner” Once the repository has been added, update apt index then proceed to install Adobe Flash Player on Ubuntu 18.04 sudo apt update sudo apt -y upgrade Step 2: Install Adobe Flash Plugin … Read more

Installing OnSign TV on Chrome OS Managed Devices

Taking advantage of Google Chrome Device Management, you can remotely install and configure OnSign TV to run in Kiosk mode. Running OnSign TV in Kiosk mode will: Auto start OnSign TV every time the device is powered on Prevent users from getting out of OnSign TV (Kiosk mode) The Chrome … Read more

Installing OnSign TV as a Screensaver on Windows

OnSign TV can be installed and executed as a Screensaver. When running on screensaver mode, the OnSign player will exit once there is a screen touch, key pressed, or mouse move. Step 1 – OnSign TV Installing Install OnSign TV for Windows Pair your screen Go to player setting and … Read more

Installing OnSign TV on the Amazon Fire TV

Warning: Although the Fire TV is a great device, we don’t recommend using it for professional signage applications. Read more at the end of this tutorial. Installing OnSign TV into an Amazon Fire TV is a a simple and quick process. Just follow these three simple steps: 1 – Enable … Read more