Local Web API

Local Web API is a simple way for integrating outside devices and trigger content in the player through a local network HTTP call. The Local Web API is supported by OnSign TV Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, and players Important – To use the Local Web API this option must be … Read more

How to trigger campaigns with QR Code

Combine two different OnSign TV tools – QR code App and On-Demand Campaign – to let viewers interact with your products and content! How does it work? You can present content on your screen or in a region of a campaign layout and add a QR code in case the … Read more

How to pause on-demand campaign

In this tutorial, you will find more details about two methods which you can use for pausing on demand campaigns. This is especially useful when triggering unending playback, in which the campaign repeats in an infinite loop. Note: For this tutorial, we consider you have already triggered the on-demand campaign … Read more

How to trigger a Campaign by GeoRegion

If your screens are on the move and the location around your content matters for the context, trigger your Campaigns to be published when entering or exiting a certain location. Campaign triggering by GeoRegion is the tool you are looking for. We have shown you how to set up GeoRegions … Read more

Trigger On Demand Campaign by HTTP Request

When you publish an On Demand Campaign to Android and Windows Players, it is possible to trigger it by clicking the “Play” icon on the Player in your OnSign TV account, or through an HTTP request. Don’t you know what is an On Demand Campaign? Check out the tutorial How … Read more

Setting GeoRegions

OnSign TV offers features to play Campaigns within GeoRegions. You can also set Campaigns to be triggered when crossing a geographic limit. For this purpose, you need to define the areas beforehand. In your OnSign TV account, click on your username at the bottom-left. Then, hit “Settings”. Select “Geographic Regions” … Read more

Publish Campaign with playback at specific time

Use the specific time playback option if you want to play a Campaign once at a specific time. For instance, let’s say your company is making a Campaign to collect food for donation and wants to remind employees to contribute. A Campaign could display this message at the time people … Read more

Playing Campaigns on demand

An “On Demand Campaign” is a great way to trigger a specific content on one or multiple Players when the need for it arises! This feature is ideal for displaying emergency messages, impromptu sales and any type of live content you would like to pop up on your screens!