How to remove accounts

When there is an ongoing non-payment issue with a client or a subscription cancellation, you need to delete users from your account list. In case you only temporarily want to prevent the user from accessing their account in expectation of a resolution, try merely blocking the account instead. In your … Read more

How to impersonate a user’s account

Impersonation is a tool offered on OnSign TV to have access to the user’s account and assist when needing support. In the case the user reports a Campaign playback error or a faulty Player, you can check their account without the need of a password and analyse the problem quickly. … Read more

How to block accounts

Sometimes, you need to lose something in order to value it. Warn users about unpaid subscriptions or other issues by blocking their accounts. This action will keep the client from accessing his account and modifying content while his signage operation remains working. In your custom digital signage platform, click on … Read more

How to edit accounts

Even after creating your client’s account, you can still change their account information anytime. In your customized digital signage platform, click on the “Orgs” tab on your page menu on the left. Find the user you want to modify the settings of. If your clients list is getting longer and … Read more

How to create accounts

Manage several accounts for reselling. Within your own brand-customized digital signage, you can create accounts for your clients and assign Player licenses as you wish. Set up your client’s accounts as follows: Access your custom URL. For this tutorial, we are using the 123-Signage White Label account. Click on the … Read more