On March 11th an OnSign TV Platform update is scheduled for implementing additional user management and permission options. The changes will provide more granular and better control for configuring permissions to non-admin users.

The migration to the new permission system will be automatic and there will be no platform downtime, so no action will be required on your side. The platform will automatically match your account's existing permissions.

Improved Player Permissions

Up to now, player permissions were cumulative and displayed as a sliding bar.

This model is great but limited. As an example, it is not possible to give a user “Inspect  Permission", without also giving "Publishing" rights.

The new Player permission options will provide better control to what action each user can perform on a player or player group.

New Player Permissions will look like this:

As player permission options will be individually configured, it is important to understand the behavior of each permission:

  • Publish – Will enable a user only to publish and unpublish content to a player or player group.

  • Inspect – Will enable the user to view player/player group status, view events, list campaigns published, list player groups the current player belongs. This is read-only permission, so it is quite useful for users responsible for monitoring the network.

  • Settings – Will allow the user to access the player or player group settings menu.

  • Remove – Will enable the user to delete a player or player group.

In addition to the more granular control, it will also be possible to perform bulk permission changes.

Improved Player Permissions

Also, on this update, a new user permission will be available for allowing non-admin users to create reports. The new feature will show as follows on user creation

Once this permission is checked, the user will be able to create reports for all players that he has inspect permissions.

OnSign TV Newsletter – January 2020

OnSign TV Newsletter #202001
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Holidays are over, but we would like to give you some reasons to keep on celebrating: 

  • Birthday App - Keep track of colleagues' birthdays and avoid that awkward three-days delay on wishing them the best. 
  • Multi-screen synchronized playback - Multi-screen Synced playback is now also available for Chrome OS, BrightSign and SSSP.
  • Additional Player Info - Download and install the latest Android Player so you can track player CPU temperature, connectivity, and battery level. 

ISE 2020 Amsterdam

Come and meet our team at Europe's largest AV show. ISE 2020 will take place in Amsterdam from Feb 11th to 14th. 

OnSign TV will be exhibiting with Qbic at 
Hall 15 - P245!

Book a meeting with OnSign TV team at ISE 2020

This month's featured app

We have just launched two Birthday Apps for you to display the current week's or month's birthdays. 
Entering and maintaining the birthday list is super easy:
  1. Create a two-column Google spreadsheet with names and birth dates.
  2. Link the spreadsheet to the App.
  3. Get ready for the party!

Check out the full tutorial: 
How to create the Birthday App

New resource usage graphs

The Resouce usage page is the go-to place when your players are not performing as expected. Now when using OnSign TV Android Player 9.7.17 and above, you will find three new graphs with additional player info: 


Track the player's temperature history. Too high temperatures are not good and can be the reason for hardware crashes.


Get to know the player's connectivity history. This is a great tool for tracking how good or bad is the player's connection.
  • The green graph shows the percentage of time your player was connected during the period.
  • The blue bar is the number of successful server requests the player has performed.
  • The red bar is the number of failed requests. 


Whenever applicable, you can also monitor the player's battery level. 
  • Make sure you have the latest version of OnSign TV Android App installed  (9.7.17) so you can track temperature, connectivity and battery level.
  • Specific resource info may not be available, as not all hardware manufacturers provide access to all data.

Multi-screen synchronized playback

Already available for Windows and LG webOS, now, more screens can take advantage of multi-screen content playback as we have just added support to Samsung SSSP, Chrome OS and BrightSign players!
Note: We recommend using the same OS device in synchronized groups to obtain the best performance. 
OnSign TV - info@onsign.tv - tel: +1 855-851-7070

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OnSign TV Newsletter – December 2019

OnSign TV Newsletter #201912
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With another year almost behind, it is a great moment for a quick recap to ensure none of the features launched goes under the radar.

2019 Highlights

User Experience - UX

New File Browser UI: We have unified different pages into a single content folder structure and also created some additional ways of interacting with the platform, like right-click and drag-and-drop.
Enhanced Search Tools: Finding content once you have several thousand files can be a tricky task. That's why we have added search filters such as type of content, modification date, folder, etc. 


Playlist enhancements: Now you can adjust default duration for apps and images added to a playlist. You can also get playlist duration while taking into account playback time and tag restrictions. Read tutorial
Default player group for new players: Now you can set a default player group, so any new player added to the network will automatically join the group. Read tutorial
Health Check: Quickly scan the network for small errors on the platform and get suggestions on how to fix it. Read tutorial
Folder permissions to restricted users: OnSign TV folder permissions follow a hierarchical architecture. Set the permissions of a folder and all files and subfolders under it will inherit the same permissions. This is an easy way to share all assets with restricted users. Read tutorial



  • Follow Us 

  • Round Clock

  • RSS Circle


Now you can install OnSign TV on LINUX devices.
Check out minimum requirements.
Multi-Screen Synchronized Playback for Windows and WebOS players: Now you can configure multiple players to playback content in-sync. This is a great tool for building menu boards and getting several players to present synchronized content in a long hall. Read tutorial

What's next?

There is much more coming in 2020!
To get started, in January we will expand the multi-screen synchronization support to Samsung SSSP, BrightSign and ChromeOS. 

We will once again exhibit at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam
Come meet us at Qbic's booth, Hall 15 - P245.

Book a meeting!

We wish you great holidays and a wonderful 2020!


OnSign TV - info@onsign.tv - tel: +1 855-851-7070

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OnSign TV Newsletter – November 2019

OnSign TV Newsletter #201911
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New this month:

  • Transitions support for SoC devices, BrihgtSign and Chrome OS
  • Promote social media engagement with Follow Us App 
  • Multi-screen synchronized playback available for Windows OS
  • New search rule: exclude items when searching for players or content!

Content Transitions

Initially, transitions were only available for Android, Mac, Linux and Windows, but now transitions are also supported by SoCs, BrightSign and Chrome OS.

New devices supporting Transitions: 

  • LG WebOS 4 and above
  • Samsung SSSP5 and above
  • BrightSign XD and XT models
  • Chrome OS version 57 and above
Animated transitions can be applied to campaigns, timeline items and playlist items. Check out the tutorial.

This month's featured App

Invite your audience to join your social media channels using the Follow Us App! 
Find it on: Create > App > Social Media tab

Enter your Social Network Accounts and the App will display a QR code shortcut to:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Synchronized Playback

Now you can create multi-screen synchronized playback using the OnSign TV Windows player
Check out the tutorial.

NOTE: To ensure the best results, always use the same hardware specs for all players on the synchronized player group.

Our team is working to expand the multi-screen synchronization playback to other platforms. Stay tuned as soon we will add BrightSign and Chorme OS support to this list!


New Search Rule

The OnSign TV search bar just got more powerful, as now you can use the "-" sign to exclude items.

How to use? 

  1. Click on search bar
  2. Select the filters you want to apply
  3. Add "-" before the ones you want to exclude from search
All OnSign TV pages have a search box for helping to find specific items.


Case 1. If your signage players contains multiple tags, you can search for players that contain certain tags, but not others. For instance: 
In this case, we want to have an overview of all university's players that are in public spaces, like halls, auditoriums, libraries, etc. For doing so, we excluded the ones that contain the tags "classroom" and "meeting room". 
Case 2. You want to check out all online devices, except the ones running Android OS.
On search box
is:online -os:"Android" 
Case 3. You want to list all campaigns without any publishing filter. That means all campaigns that are nor paused, nor restricted!
On search box:
type:Campaign -is:restricted -is:paused 
OnSign TV - info@onsign.tv - tel: +1 855-851-7070

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OnSign TV Newsletter – October 2019

OnSign TV Newsletter #201910
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Great news for signage integrators!
Same location signage setups can now take advantage of synchronized playback on multiple screens. Furthermore, OnSign TV has extended its interactivity campaign support to the Windows Player

Other highlights and news:
  • Assign new players to a default group
  • Advanced file search on your Content Page.
  • New permissions for restricted shared accounts.
  • New app: Round Clock

Synchronized Playback

You can now link several displays mounted in the same location for synchronized playback!
  1. Create a Player Group.
  2. Enable synchronized playback.
  3. Select the Lead Player and other displays will play in sync with the Lead Player loop. 
Available for LG webOS professional displays. Other devices coming soon.

Read full tutorial

Interactivity on Windows OS

Trigger content after the user clicks on an ad, banner or button on the screen.

For a long time, this feature was limited to Android OS, but now you can enable interactions on Windows media players as well!

Learn more:
How to create an interactive campaign
How to create interactive menus
How to create extended interactive menus
How to create an image carousel

This month's featured app

A new round clock layout is available!

On top of the traditional minimalist round clock face, this customizable clock allows for a digital clock and date in its middle.

Default Player Group

What? Define a default player group when setting up a device for the first time! The Player will immediately synchronize, downloading all existing Player Group content.
Result: A quicker setup process for your team! 

Read complete tutorial

New permissions for restricted users

Now you can add access to restricted shared accounts for two more sections at OnSign TV:
Dashboard: On this tab, you get a map overview of the device network, along with graphs on connectivity, synchronization status, and more. 
Health Check: On this menu item, scan devices for possible issues that might affect your screens, such as invalid RSS news or expired campaigns. 
*Sections only visible to users with player permission to INSPECT the player.

Advanced Content Search

Images, videos, campaigns, playlists, compositions, apps... you may be familiar with combining all these types of content to create beautiful signage on your displays. The problem is finding already existing and published content on the platform when you don't know the exact file name among your plentiful content. 

Use the search bar to narrow down the items to browse through: 
Pro Tip! If you search on the main Content Page, OnSign TV  lists every content ever uploaded.

To limit the search to a specific folder:
  1. Go into the desired folder.
  2. Select on search bar "Location – Limit search to this folder"
  3. Apply other filters, or type in the item name. 
OnSign TV - info@onsign.tv - tel: +1 855-851-7070

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OnSign TV Newsletter – September 2019

Special Edition - Playlists
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Today's newsletter is focused on one of the most beloved tools of ad managers and integrators: the playlist. Arranging content sequences, setting playback restrictions and estimating playback duration: all of it can be done on a single page: Other topics:
  • New way to unpublish content from all players with a single click
  • New RSS Layout - RSS News Circle
  • Take a look at the new shortcuts we have added to help and speed up content creation!

Unpublish with a Single Click

Now, you can remove any published content with a single click!
Simply right click any campaign or playlist and click on "Unpublish"!

New Playlist Features

Default Playback Duration

Until recently, all images and apps added to a playlist loop used to have a pre-set duration of 10 seconds. 

Yep, that was the past. Now you can set a default duration for new image and apps while adding them to the playlist!
Aside from videos, all new items dragged to the timeline will last for as long as defined in "M. Duration". In case you leave it empty, OnSign TV keeps 10s as default. 
Better yet, you can preset a default duration and still change a specific playlist item duration whenever needed.

New criteria for playlist duration estimate

While building your playlist, you may want to check its duration. To do this, simply click on the blue button "Estimate Playlist Duration".

Since each playlist item can have unique playback restrictions, you can simulate the duration considering:
  • Playback Start Date and time
  • Location: Get estimate for when a device is within a certain region
  • Tags: Enter tags that will be taken into account for obtaining the playlist duration

NEW APP - RSS News Circle

Update your signage's look with a new RSS App.
The new app features two themes: round (below) and square


Create your playlist twice as fast by simply selecting multiple items from your content folder.
  1. Go to the content folder
  2. Select multiple items
  3. Right-click and click on "New Playlist"
OnSign TV - info@onsign.tv - tel: +1 855-851-7070

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Transition & Animation effects
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Create beautiful and smooth transition effects and make your content look nothing less than primetime TV.
Transitions can be added to:
  • Campaigns – Applied to the entire campaign screen.
  • Timeline items – Applied only to the selected timeline item.
  • Playlist items -  Configured to fullscreen media and apps added to a playlist.
Learn how to setup transitions

Usability Enhancements

Stay tuned on several upcoming shortcuts and usability improvements to boost your productivity !

Content Preview

Right-click the item and hit Preview to watch any video, image or app within your content folders.

Opening Content on a New Browser Tab

Now you can edit and publish a campaign by opening it on a new browser tab. Just click on the little "square with an arrow icon" on the right-side of the selected menu. 

This can save you time avoiding a lot of back and forth on same window. Keep your eyes opened as we are adding this feature to many other menu itens too.
OnSign TV - info@onsign.tv - tel: +1 855-851-7070

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Infocomm 2019

Health Check and InfoComm 2019
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How much do you actually know about your signage network?

Just knowing your players are on-line is not enough to make sure everything is ok.

OnSign TV is taking monitoring to the next level:
  • Get to know about misconfigured players
  • Find and fix Apps that are not being displayed due to invalid settings
  • Find expired content and either fix or remove it from your players

InfoComm 2019


OnSign TV will be at InfoComm Orlando next week with a lot more to share!
Click the button below or reply to this email for scheduling a meeting with our Team!
Schedule a meeting at InfoComm!
OnSign TV - info@onsign.tv - tel: +1 855-851-7070

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DSE 2019

OnSign TV - DSE 2019
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With many news to share, our team is excited and looking forward meeting you next week at DSE.

Get to know about OnSign TV latest features:
  • New Folder Structure
  • New Permission System
  • New local API for Interactive Triggers
  • Integration with NFC and other Sensors
Meet us at:
  • Qbic booth #2238
  • Sharp booth #1207
Schedule a meeting
Reply to this email and schedule a meeting!
We still have some free exhibit passes in case you need it!
OnSign TV - info@onsign.tv - tel: +1 855-851-7070

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OnSign TV Newsletter # 201903
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The OnSign TV team is extremely happy to soon deploy a major platform update which will dramatically improve your content organization, user management and streamline your operations.
With many major customers adopting OnSign TV, we have been working on both UI and structural improvements so you can be more effective managing your signage network.

On March 18th you are going to get the largest OnSign TV update ever!

The OnSign TV Platform update will cover three main topics:

  • New Unique Folder Structure Across All OnSign TV Assets

  • New Enhanced User Permission System

  • New User Interface

New Folder Structure

Although folders are not a new thing to OnSign TV, now you will be able to manage all supported elements, campaigns, playlists, images, videos, HTML, apps, compositions, and audio, within the same folder structure.
Old Folder Structure
  • Isolated campaign folder structure
  • Isolated content folder structure
  • No folder support for Playlists
New Folder Structure
Campaigns, Playlists and Content can be organized within the same file structure

New Permission System

The new folder structure goes beyond just moving things around. Inspired by Google Drive, Dropbox and other popular cloud storage solutions, now you can set user permissions to each folder. Better yet, the permissions are hierarchical, meaning they also affect all files and subfolders.

New User Interface

To support the new feature, we have also implemented a new sleek UI. 
Take a look at this video to learn more about our new features!
Not a customer yet? Create your trial account!
Start your 14 days FREE trial

OnSign TV Newsletter – September 2018

OnSign TV Newsletter 
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Are you looking for an even better design? Or maybe optimizing your content schedule? It doesn't matter your goal, we bring important new features to address all needs: 

  • App - Two beautiful and exciting new weather forecast Apps
  • Playback duration - Get accurate playback duration for playlists and all content published to your players!
  • App restart - This is a new and easy way to restart the OnSign TV player app without actually rebooting the whole system. It is a handy trick to force the player to start fresh and check the content you have just published.

It is Hot in Here!

OnSign TV launched two new weather forecast layouts, so you have more options when setting up your displays:
The "Single Day Graph Weather" and "Multi Day Scrolling Weather" are:
  • Daily temperature chart forecast
  • Wind, rain, visibility and humidity
  • Portrait, landscape and footer format
  • Beautiful animated transitions

Get Playback Duration

Optimize player schedule by keeping strict control over playback duration. Get accurate duration for a single playlist or to all content published to your players!

Playlist duration

Campaign > Playlist
Playlists are great for whoever looks for simplicity and flexibility. It lets you easily add, remove content and set restrictions to each playlist item. Avoiding too much back and forth, all is done in a single place.
While the playlist is a powerful tool, things may get tricky once you build large and nested playlists, making it harder to determine the total playlist duration.
Now you have a dedicated button to easily get playlist duration!
Read full tutorial here

Get the duration for all campaigns in a player

Player > Select player > Playback loop
Likewise, you can get an estimate for the current playback loop duration within the player “Campaign Playback Loop” menu. Now it considers playlist duration when campaign cycling is enabled!
Important Note: Each time this page is loaded a different set of medias will be selected to represent playlists with cycling, this may also result in different total loop length.

Restarting the OnSign TV App

Although a new content published is downloaded almost instantly, the actual playback of the new medias will only start when the current campaign being presented is finished. This is a designed behavior to avoid content being interrupted on live screens as this would not be a good experience for your audience.
Still, there are times you may want to start the new published playback right-away. A simple way to do it, is by restart the OnSign TV App!

The Application Restart will quickly close and open the OnSign TV player without actually rebooting the whole operating system. This is a handy tool for those who want to force the playback of a new just synced content from start!

Just go:  Player > Select player > Settings (and click the button)
Stay tuned! We have more great news every month!
OnSign TV team
Create your 14 days trial Account!
OnSign TV - info@onsign.tv - tel: +1 855-851-7070

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OnSign TV Newsletter – August 2018

OnSign TV Newsletter 
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If you are in charge of content creation, certainly this will be among your favorite newsletters so far!

What is new:

  • Features - Upload and use custom fonts.
  • Player Option - OnSign TV now also runs on the latest Samsung Tizen Professional Monitors - SSSP5!
Read until the end to make the most out of your signage :) 

Support SSSP5

Our team has just launched the support for the new Tizen SSSP5 Professional Monitors! Learn how to install 
Technology moves fast and we never fall behind!
Following the announcement of the latest Samsung Tizen Platform, now you can install OnSign TV on the  5th generation of the  Samsung Smart Signage Professional Monitors (SSSP5). This is a great option if you are looking for an SoC embedded solution!

Just looking back, OnSign TV is also compatible with SSSP2, SSSP3 and SSSP4.
Get to know all OnSign TV supported hardware platforms.

Custom Fonts are here!

Attention, designers! Now you can stick to your company or client visual identity by uploading custom fonts to OnSign TV in only TWO steps!


Drag-and-drop your new font (TTF or OTF) to any content folder.


The new font will be immediately available on the font picker for all Apps!
Stay tuned! We have more great news every month!
OnSign TV team
Create your 14 days trial Account!
OnSign TV - info@onsign.tv - tel: +1 855-851-7070