Update to: Android

Android 10.2.2

  • Improved serial port content matching
Update to: Android

Android 10.2.1

  • Fixed status screen for Android OS version 5 and below
Update to: Android

Android 10.2.0

  • Added support custom player status screen
  • Fixed SKM update on Android 9 and above
  • Added support for Reporting local attribute changes to server side
  • Playback Engine upgraded to 2.1.7
Update to: Windows Linux macOS

Windows, Linux and macOS – 10.1.9

  • Added support for transparent remote URL player background
  • Local player attribute changes are now sent and updated on server
  • Added support to JavaScript ContentAPI, attrchanged and propchanged events
  • Added automatic deletion of local database if corrupted
  • Fixed Brightness control issues
Update to: Windows Linux macOS

Windows, Linux and macOS – 10.1.8

  • Added support for remote clock adjustment
  • Added support Linux monitor on/off on working hours schedule
Update to: Android

Android 10.1.9

  • ExoPlayer library Upgraded
  • Gapless video playback improved
Update to: Android

Android 10.1.7

  • Added HDMI-in support for Geniatech APC390-K
  • Added support to serialdata events on signage object
  • Added support to attrchanged event
Update to: Android

Android 10.1.8

  • Removed video poster on HTML video
  • Allowed microphone permission for local HTML apps
  • Prevented double key injection on WebViews