Update to: Windows

Windows 10.1.6

  • Fix performance issues when rapidly changing attributes locally through signage object
  • Upgrade to pblib 10.1.0
  • Prevent Playback Engine downgrade
  • Allow kiosk mode exit on all corners
  • Allow quit from kiosk mode password dialog

Windows 10.1.0

  • Upgrade do Playback Engine to 2.0.3080
  • Signage object fixes
  • Fix volume timeout

Android 10.0.34

  • Added support to Sending Player Custom Events  - signage.sendEvent
  • Added support to early content termination using signage.stopThisItem . This is an important feature for handling variable media length.
Update to: Android

Android 10.0.33

  • Fixed an issue where the screen would dim once the player was started. This fix only applies to a very specific hardware model(GS-4302TP) that doesn't follow the standard brightness control.
Update to: Android

Android 10.0.32

  • Fixed issue on SzViewtech players, where the player would not wake up after sleep
Update to: Android

Android 10.0.31

  • Fixed black screen issue on specific RockChip players. This issue was only present on CPUs that have dual-screen support.
Update to: Windows

Windows 10.0.30

  • Fix remote view delay
  • Fix wrong double click on some models of touch screen devices
  • Fix remote view crash
  • Fix webpage zoom parameter
Update to: Android

Android 10.0.30

  • LocationProvider GPS improvement
  • Remote view improvement
  • Optimization to help low-performance devices to handle very large and nested playlists

Windows 10.0.29

  • Added support for signage.stopThisItem . This adds a new JavaScript method to Stop the app that called this function in delay milliseconds.
Update to: Windows

Windows 10.0.28

  • Fixed Multi-screen playback sync.
  • Update to use the latest playback engine
Update to: Windows

Windows 10.0.26

  • Improved download (fix exponential backoff progression)
  • Fix Website link periodic reload timer scale from ms to s
  • Improve handling of storage failures