Update to: Android

Android 6.0.2

  • Improved video playback for Rombica devices
  • Fixed Remote View and reboot for devices using Android Runtime (ART)
  • Several minor fixes and improvements that aren't worth a bullet point
Update to: Android

Android 6.0.1

  • Improved HDMI playback for Realtek CPU based devices (example ZIDOO X8 and X9s) and Zidoo X9 and Tronsmart devices
  • Fix sudden brightness change when OnSign is resumed and then started again
  • Added player location history tracking for up to 8 hours
  • Fix sudden stop of time triggered campaigns
  • Several minor fixes and improvements that aren't worth a bullet point
Update to: Android

Android 6.0.0

• Add support to OnSign TV SPM, short for Signage Package Module. The SPM is an additional APK that should be installed after the OnSign TV Android APK to enable advanced features: Remote View and Control, scheduled and remote reboot and additional player logs that can help support in case you have any issue. • System version will not be made available for download after OnSign TV 6.0.0. Read this article to learn more about what to do in case you have players with the OnSign TV System installed. • Several minor fixes and improvements that aren't worth a bullet point.
Update to: Windows

Windows 5.0.3

Minor specific fixes and code optimization.
Update to: Android

Android 5.3.7

  • Add Primary_loop, welcome_loop and fallback_loop to the playback reasons.
  • Fixed Android Back button as this was not working on Samsung Devices.
  • Fixed issue that caused touch feedback not to disappear when the user taps an empty layout zone.
  • Fixed audio playback issue.  Audio was not playing on first loop instantiation.
Update to: Windows

Windows 5.0.2

New Features and improvements:
  • New web view
  • Added Media level reporting.
  • Added Transparency to apps.
  • Added error message trying to display a page with invalid SSL.
  • Fixed auto adjust when the user insert or remove HDMI cable screens.
  • Fixed the on demand campaigns playing indefinitely.
  • Fixed context menu over HTML campaigns.
  • Fixed infinite loop clicking over Stop On demand campaigns.
  • Fixed Video playback and video pixelation on specific cases.
  • Fixed flash playback using flash pepper.
  • Fixed memory leak when using apps at specific configurations.
  • Fixed queue apps related issues.
Update to: SSSP

SSSP 0.8.0


  • Added player initialization/loading progress bar
  • Added player network error screen (only displayed if no campaigns are available)
  • Added support for custom logo


  • Fixed app events timing issues (which affected RSS timings)
  • Fixed apps not being played after a picture (when displayed for less than 5s) in the same campaign timeline
  • Fixed campaign data not being properly updated on rarely occasions
  • Fixed auth for players named using Cyrillic alphabet
  • Fixed background sync after reboot
  • Improved campaign play loop change detection
  • Resynchronize medias on storage change
  • Speedup player startup and campaign playback start
  • Invalidate external storage if USB drive is improperly removed
  • Increaseed debug when skipping campaigns
  • Fixed playback error count not being properly reset

Known issues

  • Portrait HDMI IN playback only works after playing at least one video
Update to: Android

Android 5.3.5

  • Geolocation improvements for IAdea players
  • Adds reporting of URL App, SSL errors
  • Fixed audio output selection on HTML apps
  • Other minor bug fixing
Update to: Android

Android 5.3.4

  • Improve start up sequence to fix stuck on "Please Wait" message.
  • Fix strict time behavior.
  • Fix blackscreen on HDMI-in campaigns on IAdea XMP-6400.
  • Improve media corruption detection and recovery
Update to: SSSP

SoC: SSSP – 0.7.0


  • Added external storage auto selection support (using /dtv/usb/auto)


  • Updated non-SSSP install message
  • Request storage clean-up if there are no campaigns assigned
  • Check if files flagged for removal are still in use before delete
  • Check campaign playability during prepare
  • Fixed file download handling when parent campaigns are removed
  • Added safeguards to prevent internal storage starvation issue
  • Improved media cache status logs
  • Playback changes to ensure compatibility to latest SSSP firmwares (recommended firmware SSSP2- 1037.1; SSSP3 -1029.7)  Previous implementation could cause the LFD to crash when playing a specific set of content.
  • Added player start event to log
  • Fixed synchronization infinity loop when device has no campaigns assigned

Known issues

  • Portrait HDMI IN playback only works after playing at least one video
Update to: SSSP

SSSP 0.5.3

  • Fixed brand auth screen using non-brand assets
  • Fixed image being displayed on top of an app in the same region before asset clean up
  • Fixed images being preloaded twice on campaign changes
  • Fixed application preload and show/restart events
  • Improved campaign publish/unpublish routines
  • Improved performance of clean up routine for old files
  • Fixed download finish event being sent before unsetting running flag
  • Changed download failed log to warn level
  • Prevent storage from being reinitialized on updates
Update to: Android

Android 5.2.0

  • Added touch feedback animation (can be enabled, or disabled)
  • Improved "Specific playback time behavior" - If two campaigns are set to playback at a specific time both campaigns are played. e.g. Campaign A and Campaign B are both scheduled to Play at 2PM. With the improvement, both campaigns are played back.
  • Improved campaign login - No login as success playback campaign that are interrupted by an "OnDemand Campaign", or "Specific playback time Campaign"