Update to: Android

Android v 5.0.2

  • Fixed bug that would show "No campaign could be played at this time." when the user removes all campaigns from player.
  • Improved camera integration, creating a fallback in case the camera access fails.
  • Fixed animation "Frame-by-frame animation App"
  • Fixed time trigger feature for longer campaigns
Update to: Website

Campaign Restrictions and Campaign Pause

It is now possible to add restrictions to a campaign no matter where it is published. Those campaign-specific restrictions will always be checked before any player-specific restrictions. Through this feature it is now easier to stop a campaign from playing after a certain date without having to go player by player and change the restrictions there. Another great feature is **campaign pausing**: very useful when you need to tweak a campaign that is already published. When a campaign is paused it is not played by any players, but it is still published, so once the campaign is resumed the player won't have to re-download all media and you won't have to set all restrictions again. You can access both features clicking on the *PUBLISH* option underneath a campaign: Campaign Publishing Settings Once you hit the Campaign Publish page you can check out our new features: Campaign Restrictions and Pausing
Update to: Android

Android v4.0.9

  • - Multiple Off hours Range.
  • - Camera widget support.
  • - Fixes internal storage issue on MSTAR boards.
Update to: Android

Android v4.0.8

  • - Adjustable content update frequency.
  • - Show black screen when OnSign TV is¬†outside of working hours.
  • - Seamless on Webviews.
Update to: Android

Android v4.0.7

  • - Fix "Press Back Key" Message on Lollipop.
  • - Support New Android TV Platform.
Update to: Android

Android v4.0.6

  • - Youtube integragation improved.
Update to: Android

Android v4.0.5

  • - Add support for remote JPG and PNG images.
  • - Fix SWF playback issues.
Update to: Android

Android v4.0.4

  • - Fixes layer reordering issues present on some devices.
Update to: Android

Android v4.0.3

  • - Replaces content without restating campaign loop.
Update to: Android

Android v4.0.2

We have a minor Android update today, that fixes two issues:

  • - Fixes download errors when fetching expired widget media.
  • - Add progress dialog for offline loading support.
Update to: Android

Android v4.0.1

- Fix video stream restart
Update to: Android

Android v4.0.0

This version start our new version numbering scheme. We are departing from the old 0.11.x numbering to 4.0.x, since this is our 4th major release.

  • - Adds seamless video transitions on supported players.
  • - Video stream re-starts in case of failure
  • - Added spinner while URL content is not retrieved