Update to: Windows

Windows 10.0.25

  • Fix playback window resize if desktop arrangement changes during playback.
  • Implement GPU out of memory watchdog

Windows 10.0.21

  • Fix issue making resource usage statistics persistent across reboots
  • Increase offline events recording to 100K. This will allow the player to work for several days while keeping the playback records for later reporting.
  • Fix window resize on resolution change. This is an important fix for players powering multi-screen video walls.
  • Support signage object sendEvents API
Update to: Android

Android 10.0.20

  • Improved media download performance.
  • More aggressive reconnection in case network connectivity has been lost.
  • Recommended upgrade for players connected to poor networks that often get disconnected interrupting media download (e.g. Cellular Networks)
Update to: SSSP Tizen

SOC – 3.3.14

  • Added support for remote player Upgrade/Downgrade through binary packages
  • Support for transition to next-generation V10 Players
Update to: Linux

Linux 10.0.19

  • New process for better handling multithreading and the correctly saving server executed commands on player restart.
Update to: Windows

Windows 10.0.17

  • Added support for collecting player custom metrics.
Update to: Android

Android 10.0.15

  • Implemented more strict rules for obtaining Player location
  • Now player location should either come from GPS or Network location
  • Once the player starts using GPS location, it will not fall back to the network location (less precise).
Update to: Android

Android 10.0.12

  • Fixed keypress propagation into all player webviews
Update to: Windows

Windows 10.0.16

  • Improvement and fixes for video hardware decoder playback
Update to: Android

Android 10.0.11

  • Fixes notification display on Philips TVs
Update to: Windows

Windows 10.0.15

  • Playback engine rules update  (2.0.2478)
Update to: Android

Android 10.0.5

  • New Player Architecture
  • New Server/player communication protocol
  • Support for playing playlists within a specific screen region