Update to: Android

Android 9.7.5

  • Add local Web API support
Update to: Windows

Windows 9.0.0

  • New playback engine
  • Upgrade video decoding engine
Update to: Android

Android 9.7.4

  • Support to Local Web API.
  • Bug fixing.
Update to: Windows

Windows 8.3.0

  • Add RS-232 monitor control
Update to: Android

Android 9.7.2

  • Improvements to the Working hours feature behavior.
  • Improvements to the Serial Port Settings (RS-232) feature.
Update to: Android

Android 9.7.1

  • Fix Working hours issue.
Update to: Android

Android 9.7.0

  • Support to Serial Port Settings (RS-232).
  • Fix Media Interactivity report.
Update to: Windows

Windows 8.2.0

  • Fix Ondemand campaigns playing indefinitely when triggered by a QR code.
  • Fix Dialog settings being hidden when player has negative geometry values.
Update to: Android

Android 9.6.1

  • Fixes in the Local Web API feature.
  • Fix the Uptime issue in the resource usage feature.
Update to: Android

Android 9.6.0

  • Support HDMI-in feature in Eweat devices.
  • Disable XWalk from Android 8.0 or above.
  • Support to Local Web API feature.
Update to: SSSP ChromeOS webOS BrightSign

SoC: webOS, SSSP, ChromeOS, BrightSign – 2.2.0

Attention: This release is available for BrightSign, Chrome OS, SSSP 4+ and webOS 2+


  • Skip campaigns with playback errors (number of errors is configurable); BrightSign/Chrome OS Add user requested power off support capability to selected devices;
  • OS/SSSP4+ Add audio track support to selected devices;
  • Add working hours power on capability.


  • Fix working hours failing to "power on" the LFD if manually shutdown the day before;
  • Fix website link app always displaying a black screen (this may still occur depending on the website security policies);
  • Fix rare occurrences of "no campaign available" screen being displayed after reboot (even when content is assigned); SSSP4 Fix file downloads failing with firmware 2070.6 or newer.

Known Issues and Restrictions

  • Chrome OS External storage is not supported
  • OS Remote view is not supported
  • Portrait HDMI IN playback only works after playing at least one video
  • Video is always rendered below the HTML layer, which means the video will not be displayed if a fullscreen image is added to any of the timelines
  • Portrait HDMI IN playback not working
  • Remove view is not supported
  • HDMI IN is not supported in Portrait mode
  • Remote view is supported in Portrait mode, however, videos are not rotated properly when taking the screenshots, meaning they'll appear rotated webOS Flicker occurs during gapless on webOS 3.2 devices using firmware 04.02.20 (or older)
  • Gapless playback hiccups on webOS 3 devices using firmware 04.32.63 (or older)
Update to: Windows

Windows 8.1.0

  • Fix download status bar showing negative values.
  • Fix Black screen when using the JPG address in the URL app.