SoC: webOS, SSSP, ChromeOS, BrightSign – 3.3.1

New Features
  • Add touch interactivity support for selected devices
  • BrightSign/Chrome OS/Tizen Add multi-screen sync playback support
  • Flag mouse move and scroll events as user interactions to delay timeout
  • Fix show event injection issues and app visibility state
  • BrightSign/Chrome OS/webOS Enable media reuse for all medias
  • BrightSign/webOS 3 Fix video layering on devices with single video decoding capabilities
  • BrightSign Fix audio/video playback issues on single decoder devices
  • Chrome OS Fix stream stop and clean up
  • Chrome OS Fix stream transition
  • webOS Fix sequential HDMI IN playback on webOS devices with transitions
  • Tizen Enable media reuse for all supported media, except videos
  • Tizen Disable transitions for AV and stream media for Tizen version greater than 4 as it's not supported by the platform
  • webOS Add support to server-side rotation setting