Add restriction to campaign

Use this feature to add restriction to a campaign that should apply to all players. For instance, if you have a christmas or birthday message. Also apply this settings for campaigns that should not play in a certain time. Set a campaign to play from Monday to Friday, making sure it will never be displayed on weekends. Also you can manage them by the tags or setting geolocations.

If you wish to apply restriction to a campaign in a single or more players - but not all of them -, check basic campaign publishing tutorial.

  1. Hit “Publish” button under the targeted campaign on your OnSign TV account
  2. Click on “Add restriction”, right under “Publish to Players”
  3. add restriction button

  4. Click on “Add Restriction” at the pop-up window
  5. add restriction pop-up

  6. Fill the restriction settings. You can choose when, where, and for how long a campaign will play. Also you can set your restriction according to the tags you use. Starting and ending date are also available. Hit “OK” once you are done.
  7. fill add restriction info

  8. Also, you can set some GeoRegions so you can you that as a restriction to a campaign. With that you can organize what will be published in a region and trigger a campaign to play after crossing a geographic barrier.
  9. Check all information. If there is any mistake, click on the pencil icon and correct it. Otherwise, click “Apply changes”.
  10. check restriction

  11. The restriction is displayed above all players.
  12. added restriction

It is very important that the player’s restriction are within the campaign's restriction, or else your campaign will never be displayed. Example: If you have a monday to friday restriction on a campaign, and publish the same campaign to a player with a weekend restriction.