Basic Campaign publishing

Do you already have your account filled with Campaigns? Great! It is about time then to learn the basics of Campaign publishing.

A great content is useless if hidden in your OnSign TV account from your audience's eyes.

Before learning how to publish, make sure you have already acquired Player devices and installed the OnSign TV App on them. To publish, log into your OnSign TV account and follow the steps below:

  1. After you've finish editing the Campaign, click the orange "Save and Publish" button at the bottom of the page next to the blue “Preview” button. By clicking on it, the Campaign will be saved into your account.


    On your account homepage, click on the "Publish" button under the Campaign you wish to send to the Player.

  2. You are a few steps closer to watching your Campaign on screen! Now, click on "Publish to Players" on the top-right corner.
    publish campaign
  3. The loaded page shows several publishing filters. Begin by selecting on which Player(s) you want this specific Campaign displayed. Besides, OnSign TV offers the following campaign playback settings:
    • Playing any time or only when there are no other Campaigns scheduled.
    • Triggering the Campaign whenever you want from the website, when crossing a geographic region or at a predetermined time
    • Setting specific playback periods
    • Defining regions where the Campaign will be shown
    • When they meet a tag criteria you need to have previously set with your campaigns

    campaign publishing settings

  4. Click on "Publish" after you have selected your options.
  5. Your Campaign has been successfully published! In case you forgot to mark an option or add it to a Player, just hit "Publish to Player" and repeat the process.
    campaign successfully published