BrightSign – Installing OnSign TV Player

OnSign TV can be installed on the following BrightSign Players:

  • BrightSign Series 3 (LS3, HD3, XD3, XT3)
  • BrightSign Series 4 (LS4, HD4, XD4, XT4)
  • BrightSign Series 5 (Coming soon!)

There are three ways to install the OnSign TV Player into BrightSign.

  1. Using BSN.Cloud (preferred) - This option allows remote installation and additional remote player settings through BSN.Cloud
  2. Local Network Installation - Requires a computer connected to the same network as the BrightSign player.
  3. Copying installation files into an SD-Card (not recommended) - While this is a convenient method, this will not allow configuring important player attributes such as Network settings and Timezone info.