Data Feed – Content Channels

Content Channels provide unique, original, high-quality content to be used with any OnSign TV Data Feed compatible Apps.

OnSign TV is the sole creator of all written content and images are either Creative Commons or Copyright free so you can use it on your screens.

OnSign TV Content Channels are stored within the OnSign TV folder structure at:

  • \Content\Content Library\Data Feeds



Can I Edit a Content Channel?

  • No, but you can create a Data Feed importing a Content Channel and edit it.

Can I create my own Content Channel?

  • Yes, absolutely! Actually, Content Channels are built on top of Data Feeds.

What apps can I use to display content channels?

  • You can use any Data Feed compatible app. Just make sure the Columns of the selected Content Channel match the minimum requirements of the selected App.

Can I moderate a Content Channel?

  • No, but you can import the Content Channel into a Data Feed, so you can moderate it.