Content Publishing Approval Flow

OnSign TV offers an extremely granular user permission system. This way, it is possible to enable only specific users to review and publish content to players.


To better illustrate this example, let’s create three roles on the flow:

  1. Designer – Person in charge of creating layouts and upload new content to the platform.
  2. Editor – Manager in charge of reviewing, approving and publishing the content created by the Designer
  3. IT Admin – Person in charge of managing all accounts permissions.



To support the approval flow, we also recommend creating a folder structure that reflects the process. For this we will create the following folder structure:

\Design – Folder(s) where the design team will create and upload the content

\Design\Pending review



How the process works


  1. The designer will upload assets, structure campaigns and even playlists to the \Designer folder.
  2. Once the designer job is finished and ready to be published, the content should be copied to the folder \Design\Pending review.
  3. The Designer should send an email to the Editor saying the content is ready and should be published to a specific player, or player group.
  4. Once the Editor gets the email, the content should be reviewed and either:
    1. Approved for publishing, meaning the content will be published following the required rules. To keep the structure organized, we also recommend moving the published content to the folder \Editor\Published
    2. Updated, in case any change needs to be made, and then Approved for publishing. Same process as described above
    3. Rejected, meaning the content will be moved back to the Designer for review and updates.